Oregon State's not satisfied yet: 'Good enough is the enemy of great'


The Oregon State Beavers have advanced to the Elite 8 for the first time in 39 years after a seven-point win over Loyola-Chicago Saturday afternoon. 

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The win has given Beaver Nation plenty of reason to celebrate, but do not get that confused with complacency within the program. 

"Somebody asked me if I was going to be satisfied," said head coach Wayne Tinkle

"Kind of challenged me. 'You probably are satisfied with Sweet 16, a couple wins,' you know, and I almost wanted to jump through the phone and knock him out. But he's a close friend of mine."

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The Beavers have been doubted all season long: chosen to finish last in the Pac-12, given the last seed of a team from a major conference in the tournament, etc. 

Throughout all that, the Beavers have routinely exceeded expectations including winning the Pac-12 Conference Tournament for the first time in program history and then advancing all the way to the Elite 8. 

Now Oregon State, one of the last eight teams still playing nationally, is not done yet. 


"These guys aren't satisfied" added Tinkle. "They're not going to be. We challenged them in the Pac-12 championship. Don't be satisfied."

Senior guard Ethan Thompson, who led the Beavers with 22 points on Saturday, called the Sweet 16 victory "a dream come true," but he shares the mindset of his head coach.

We're trying to keep it going as well.

Ethan Thompson on advancing to the Elite 8

In fact, the Beavers head coach shared a neat anecdote he told his team prior to taking the floor Saturday afternoon. 

"I was going for a walk through the convention center earlier this morning, like I've been doing. And I believe his name is Tim Allen. I don't know if he's a volunteer but he's been working every day. And he threw something at me that was pretty cool.

"He said, 'Coach, do you know what the enemy of great is?' And I said no. He says 'It's not bad. It's good enough.'

He said good enough is the enemy of great.

Wayne Tinkle on what he relayed to his players

"We used that," said Tinkle. "We used it at shoot-around this morning. We used it before the game. We talked about [daring] to be great. It's our time, dare to be great. So really good stuff. And I wanted to give him a little shout-out on that."

Tinkle and the Beavers will have the opportunity to become the lowest-seeded team to ever make the Final Four in the NCAA Tournament with a win Monday over the winner of No. 2 Houston and No. 10 Syracuse. 

"They'll see it," said Tinkle of the potential record. "And it's cool. But we just gotta really keep our feet on the ground, stay humble and stay hungry, keep grinding away."