Oregon State’s Wayne Tinkle gave up $450k worth of bonuses due to pandemic cutbacks


Due to the pandemic that swapped the entire world, most college coaches gave up their contractual bonuses this year as part of the cutbacks and the budgetary losses.

The financial loss was minimal, and most of the money is tied to extraordinary postseason performance and season awards.

For Oregon State men's basketball coach Wayne Tinkle, the money lost on his end may just sting a bit.

In his contract, the largest incentives for Tinkle were NCAA tournament appearances and success within the tournament.

And the Beavers made it to the Elite 8, which is pretty darn good.

So in the end, Tinkle is looking to give up  $450,000 in bonuses.

His deal also calls for a $150,000 bonus if the Beavers participate in the NCAA tournament.

Each win is also worth $100,000.

Tinkle, however, still earned $2.2 million this season. 

And entering the NCAA tournament automatically added a year to his contract. 

With the added year, Tinkle now has three years remaining on his current deal.