From OSU Beavers to Raptors 905: Tres Tinkle and Gary Payton II team up again


For years, Tres Tinkle and Wayne Tinkle were one of college’s greatest father-son duos.

But now that the 6-foot-3 guard has graduated from Oregon State and moved on to the pros, he’s teaming up with another former Beaver. “Tres is following me, I think,” Gary Payton II joked on the Talkin’ Beavers podcast with host Joslyn Tinkle. “But nah, it’s been good to be back on the court with him and also have him around off the court, mess around with him, just talking to him about anything and everything. It’s been fun.”

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Following two years at Oregon State where Payton II recorded 927 points, 482 rebounds, 259 assists, 175 steals and 53 blocked shots, he was selected in the first round of the NBA G League Draft by the Raptors 905, the G League affiliate of the Toronto Raptors.


After scoring 2,233 career points to become the all-time leading scorer at OSU, Tres Tinkle went undrafted in the 2020 NBA Draft. He was signed and waived by the Los Angeles Lakers one month later. Then, the Raptors also signed Tinkle as a free agent in Dec., before waiving him in a move that allowed him to sign with the Raptors 905 squad.

Tinkle was excited to find out he'd be joining Payton II especially since there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding your first year in the league.   

“I know for me especially being my first year as a professional, I was not nervous, but there’s kind of that awkward beginning of meeting the guys and trying to figure each other out,” Tinkle explained. “So, it was great to see GP immediately in Tampa and someone you can connect with and you know, joke with. It made my transition a lot easier. There’s times when Gary and I went on runs to stay in shape and he was just kind of telling me the ins and outs about the business...

He’s really helped me transition, just like he did my freshman year at college, so it’s been fun.

- Tres Tinkle on Gary Payton II

Payton II said it didn’t take long to get acclimated to playing with Toronto. Like playing at Oregon State which instills a family atmosphere, the Raptors 905 organization prides itself on bringing that intrinsic family feeling to the G League team as well.

“I think just they built their team off family and trust,” Payton II said. “Me and Tres, I think we figured it out because Coach Tinkle back at Oregon State. He did a hell of a job with that foundation. It was kind of easy for me and Tres to buy in and help out the team, and do everything that we can. I think just that alone is helping tremendously.”

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