Oregon State Beavers

Oregon State Beavers

If you are posting incredible highlights on social media that include backflips and 360-degree spins and one-handed between the legs catches, shouldn’t you at least be getting some looks from the NFL? 

Former Oregon State wide receiver, Rahmel Dockery, makes a strong case to at least give him some sort of opportunity when we are able to leave the house again.

Here are some of his gravity-defying and absolutely absurd catches:

Now, at this point, some people might be confused. When you head over to his Instagram page, you see that he already signed to the Seattle Seahawks. And with highlights like these, how can he NOT be signed?

But, did you catch what he did there? He posted this on April 1st-- Nice one, Rahmel! 

Dockery, though, is still making a strong case to NFL teams out there: SIGN ME!

Although Rahmel has been removed from the game since 2016, it is looking like he's staying in shape. 

It is also noted on his Instagram page that he's an official Adidas athlete, which means he has been training under their umbrella. Hopefully, when we are able to leave our houses again, an NFL scout might see that Dockery could make a great backup receiver with hands like those.

Sure, these moves are different than playing an NFL game. Duly noted.

But, doesn't the Dockery name sound familiar? His little brother, Job Dockery, is currently on the Beavers roster. And former Beaver, James Dockery, played on the team from 2007-2010. But, they're not related. At least, we don't think so. 


Confused yet?

What's equally confusing is why an NFL team hasn't come calling yet. But, until then, we'll enjoy these quarantine highlights!