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Wayne Tinkle says it's time the Pac-12 gets 'some damn respect'

Oregon State

The Pac-12 needed an upset conference tournament run by Oregon State to earn five bids in the NCAA Tournament: a 5-seed, 6-seed, 7-seed, 11-seed, and a 12-seed.

Meanwhile, the Big Ten had nine teams, the Big 12 had seven teams, the ACC had seven teams and the SEC had six teams. 

After four days of the men's NCAA Tournament, the Big Ten has had three top-four seeds lose, the Big 12 has had four top-six seeds lose, the ACC had four top-nine seeds lose and the SEC had three top-nine seeds lose. 

All while the Pac-12 is undefeated. 

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After the game, Beavers head coach Wayne Tinkle credited his conference for preparing his team to handle the NCAA Tournament.

"Not surprised because of the run we've been on and I'll tell you why; it's because of what we face in our conference.

"We were concerned about Tennessee's defense... and the coaches did a great job with their scouting report: 'This guy defends like Chris Duarte. This guy defends like [Eli] Parquet. This guy's like McKinnley [Wright IV]. This guy's like Cody Riley.' 

"We have some talented, talented teams in our league and we're obviously putting everybody on notice. 

I'm very happy for our program but I'm extremely happy for the Pac-12 Conference. Maybe now we'll get some damn respect. 

Wayne Tinkle on the Pac-12

Oregon State defeated No. 5 seed Tennessee and No. 4 seed Oklahoma State en route to the program's first Sweet 16 in 39 years.  


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Tinkle went on to describe how each Pac-12 head coach has each other's backs and supports one another with out of conference play. 

"We need to stick up for each other. We need to go to bat for each other. Yeah, we want to kick each other's a** when we go head-to-head but let's pull for each other,” Tinkle said.

We've really united as a coaching group and I could not be more excited. I'll be rooting my butts off for them tomorrow. 

Wayne Tinkle on supporting the Pac-12

The Beavers head coach detailed how he received text messages from "multiple coaches" after winning the Pac-12 and then after defeating Tennessee in the Round of 64.

Tinkle thinks a large part of the Pac-12's lack of recognition comes from many people failing to watch them due to late tip-off times.  

"Let's face it. I know a lot of the people who watch games are in bed when we play out there but we have come together as a group of coaches these last couple of years because we are tired of it,” Tinkle added.

After NCAA Tournament performances like we’ve seen this season, the nation can only ignore the quality of basketball play on the West Coast for so long.