Yogi Roth believes the 2021 Oregon State football squad will make a bowl game


The Pac-12's Yogi Roth joined the voice of the Beavers Mike Parker along with Ron Callan on the latest Talkin’ Beavers Podcast to discuss the potential of the 4th season of the Jonathan Smith's Era at Oregon State. 

They also dived into the growth of the Beavers defense, the future of the PAC-12, and the importance of Coach Smith and the stability of the coaching staff.

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Roth does believe this could be a potential breakthrough season for the Beavs, but it’s so hard to evaluate this season with last year's seniors allowed an extra year of eligibility due to the pandemic. “I think regarding a breakthrough year and wins and losses, to me that’s TBD because this league returns so much talent,” Roth explained. “I think that the entire league will produce more draft picks this coming draft than ever before.” 


Due to players returning this season because of the pandemic this year proves to be a challenge for any Pac-12 team. 

Every opponent that Oregon State plays is loaded with a lot of super seniors. So I don’t think we can evaluate it the same as we would this year for Jonathon Smith and say will it be the breakthrough? And get back to major bowl games? … But I do think getting to a bowl game for this team is the floor.

-- Pac-12’s Yogi Roth

The Beavers kick-off the 2021 football season Saturday, Sept. 4 at Purdue.  

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