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NWSL releases guidelines and procedures for 2020 NWSL Expansion Draft

Thorns FC

With the addition of a tenth NWSL franchise in Racing Louisville FC, another expansion draft will take place this offseason on November 12th, 2020.

Wednesday morning the NWSL released rules for the event including how many players each team can protect from being selected by Racing Lousiville FC. 

  • Teams may protect up to two (2) U.S. Allocated Players on their rosters. All additional U.S. Allocated Players on a team’s roster must be left Unprotected.
  • Teams are permitted to protect a total of eleven (11) Players/U.S. Allocated Players, which may include up to two (2) U.S. Allocated Players. All other Players and other U.S. Allocated Players must be Unprotected.
  • Individuals on the Discovery List of any team are not eligible to be selected in the Expansion Draft (meaning that teams are not required to designate Discovery Players as Protected or Unprotected).
  • Teams are required to disclose to the League, along with the Protected/Unprotected designation, any Players/U.S. Allocated Players who a team believes will be unavailable to play by January 1, 2021, due to injury, retirement, loan, or any other reason. This information will be shared with Racing Louisville FC.

"Racing Louisville FC may select up to two Players, or one U.S. Allocated Player, from each NWSL team, and a total of two U.S. Allocated Players in total from all teams," added the NWSL in a press release. 

The Portland Thorns have four U.S. allocated players on the current roster: goalkeeper Adrianna Franch (USA), midfielder Tobin Heath (USA), midfielder Lindsey Horan (USA), and the newly acquired midfielder Crystal Dunn (USA).

No word yet on who Portland will protect, but expect them to choose Dunn and Horan as its two selections for allocated players.

"In the event that Racing Louisville FC chooses less than two U.S. Allocated Players, Racing Louisville FC will receive an Allocation Money Grant of $75,000 for each U.S. Allocated Player allotment not utilized, which can only be used for roster transactions, including the first pick in the 2021 NWSL Draft," explained the NWSL.

"Any Team that loses an Unprotected U.S. Allocated Player in the 2020 Expansion Draft will receive an Allocation Money Grant of $75,000."

The full process and procedures document is available here.