MLS investigation into racial slurs used against Diego Chara proves inconclusive


On June 28th, the Timbers lost a hard-fought match to Minnesota United 1-0.

However, the result didn't really matter to the Timbers after a nasty incident in the 65' minute saw racial slurs reportedly being used against Portland's Diego Chara. At that point a win or loss was irrelevant, all the team was worried about was protecting Chara.

"I am very and extremely disappointed that still at this time we have to deal with situations that should not be happening anymore or in any sport," coach Gio Savarese said after the game. "It's things that are not acceptable and in this game there was a situation that had to do with a racist situation. A discriminatory word that has been said to one of our players that cannot have any place in anywhere or in any situation or any sport, nowhere."

"What happened to him today, the discriminatory word that was said to him, should not have a place anywhere at this time and I am extremely disappointed that it was not taken as seriously as it should have been. The whole team, myself, the whole organization, is with Diego Chara in this situation that happened on the field today."

At the time, MLS said they were aware of the reported incident and would release further information pending an investigation into the matter. 

MLS released the results of the investigation on Monday and they were... inconclusive.

Per the report:


"MLS conducted a thorough review of the incident, which included interviews with the match official and players, as well as an examination of all available audio and video footage from the match.

While MLS found the allegations to be made in good faith, the league could not corroborate or refute the allegation.

MLS will use the moment to reinforce its commitment, and the commitment of each of its clubs, to an environment that is free from discrimination or harassment and treats all participants with respect and inclusivity.”

The Timbers will face off against Minnesota United once again on July 24th, this time on the road in St. Paul.