Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Monday, the NBA launched “#NBATogether with Ernie Johnson,” a new social talk show hosted by TNT’s Inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson. 

The show welcomed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver as the first guest. 

Even though Silver does not know if this season will resume or not, he did give some insight on a timeline he is looking at for making such decisions.

Silver told Johnson that he has let people around the NBA know that there will be no real answer on whether or not this season will restart again or potentially be cancelled until, at a minimum, May 1.

As of right now, Silver doesn’t know exactly how things would look if the season does resume this summer. He admitted that at a certain point, the league's current decisions will begin to impact next season.

The 57-year-old also had a smile on his face when he admitted that one of his hobbies lately has been doing FaceTime calls with his family as well as video conferencing with people around the league.

Silver didn’t just discuss how COVID-19 impacts the immediate future of the NBA, but also what this virus could potentially change down the line.

He posed the question, “How will this change American’s lives?”  

Silver added that “there may be certain modifications that we’re going to need to make” within the NBA.

With that, Silver mentioned the league has looked at the possible changes of not allowing as much access to the players and maybe changing how food is served at NBA arenas.


There may be some social distancing protocols that could be put in place when the NBA does come back.

Silver has a lot to consider over the next few weeks and probably over the next few months. But, from the sounds of it, he is leaving no stone unturned.