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Anfernee Simons Q&A: "Seattle should have a team again"

Portland Trail Blazers

Tuesday night was a perfect night for a question and answer session with Trail Blazers guard Anfernee Simons.

The No. 24 overall pick of the 2018 NBA Draft took to his Instagram to field questions from fans on his IG story.

Among some of his favorite things he mentioned were:

  • Call of Duty (favorite video game)
  • El Gaucho (favorite spot in PDX)
  • Popeyes and Chick-fil-a (He couldn’t choose between the two)

Simons also admitted that the Red Classic Jerseys are his fav Trail Blazers unis.

If he could play any other sport besides basketball it would be football.

Not only was this Q & A informative in regards to Simons' favorite things, it was also fun to see which of his teammates and former teammates chimed in to ask a question.

Jaylen Hoard wondered how Ant got his bounce?

So naturally, Simons gave all the credit to Hoard.

While, Rodney Hood was curious who the young fella compares his game to right now.

We’ll have to wait on that answer for another day.


Former teammate Maurice Harkless got in on the action as well.

Harkless asked simply, “you miss me?”

Of course it was all love from Simons.

But, even though he is just 20-years-old, Simons stills recognizes how much an I-5 rivalry is truly missed.

The Trail Blazers backup guard is all for an NBA team returning to Seattle.

Agreed, Simons. Agreed.