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Big Z's Bubble: Zach Collins takes you on a tour of hotel's barbershop

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It’s time to get the inside ‘Bubble Scoop’ from Trail Blazers big man Zach Collins! 

Since the Trail Blazers arrived in Orlando, Florida nearly two weeks ago to restart the 2019-20 season, there's been so much buzz surrounding the Trail Blazers two healthy 7-footers in Collins and Jusuf Nurkic, who are both extremely eager to make their return to the court

Not only is Collins working on his conditioning and his game ahead of the restart, he is also taking us along for the ride!

This week in ‘Big Z’s Bubble,’ he takes us on a tour of the Trail Blazers team hotel’s pop-up barbershop after ‘Dame Rip City’ on Twitter asked Zach: What do you do if you want a haircut?

The league has worked hard to try and make 'Bubble life' as normal and as comfortable as possible for the players including having players-only lounges in each team’s hotel that includes NBA 2K gaming, TVs, and ping-pong tables.

As for the barbers, they flew in from all across the country, according to a recent report from ESPN. The barbershops are located on one floor in the hotel and are outfitted with everything a player could need to get a fresh cut and look: A professional barber chair,  facial and pedicure stations, and more.  


Collins also answered a handful of the top questions from Rip City Twitter and from all over social media including B. Williford's question on Twitter of: ‘Favorite Disney movie or Disney Character growing up?’ And, we can all agree we all want to know the answer to 'PDX Trail Blazers' on Instagram asking, ‘What do you do to kill time in the bubble?’

The answers of the video games he is currently playing and the books he is ready might surprise you!

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Spoiler Alert: He is working through the entire series of Seinfeld. Collins is hoping that makes all you Seinfeld people out there smile!

But here's a warning: there are certain answers to these 'Bubble life' questions that may make you feel old. Or, maybe that’s just me.  

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And, don’t forget to keep sending in your questions for Zach as the NBA restart ramps up. He’ll be answering the top questions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram once a week while the Blazers make a push for the postseason.