Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Bill Walton is a Portland legend and a national treasure. 

For years he has been a staple of college basketball broadcasts, bringing his own unique color commentary to your favorite campus arena.

Who could forget his now-famous "Have you ever seen a volcano?" rant?

What about the time he ate a cupcake, lit candle and all?

Everywhere Walton goes, hilarity seems to follow. 

That was the case on Monday, May 18, when Walton joined The Frank Caliendo Cast Podcast. 

The podcast itself was two hours long, but just five minutes into the shenanigans, Walton took it off the rails as only he could.

Walton took over the show and proceeded to tell the story of him, a pterodactyl, and a flight over the West Coast:

In my life, I am rarely home. But I am home now, safe at home. So I open the closet door, and bam! This big, giant pterodactyl just came flapping its wings... While I had been learning to fly all week long, I grabbed onto the back, the back of his spine, the back of his shoulder and his wings, and we took off and we soared. - Bill Walton

It didn't stop there. 

Walton just continued to tell the tale of how he willed the pterodactyl to continue the journey. 

"I sorta realized the pterodactyl was getting tired, he had his lunch and he wanted to take a nap, but I kept kneeing him right in the kidney," said Walton.


We just kept going and going, and we finally got to the top of Mt. Laguna. When we got to the top of Mt. Laguna, we could see everything and beyond! I looked back, "Wow. We came that far?" I looked forward, "We still have more to go! Let's get going!" I went back and I checked the schedule of the next departure of the Peace Train, and I figured that if I got on the phone with somebody named Walt Billton, I would be able to find my way home and be able to continue a conversation with myself that I've been having for all these years. - Bill Walton  

I have no idea what the heck Bill Wilton just said. All I know is that I laughed so hard I cried. 

If you want to get the full Bill Walton Peace Train experience, be sure to listen to the full Frank Caliendo Cast Podcast. 

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