Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Real recognize real.

Or in this case, Beast Mode recognize Beast Mode.

After Monday night’s Trail Blazers game, veteran forward Carmelo Anthony was asked about Marshawn Lynch’s return to the field.  

Obviously he must’ve wanted to come back. He walked away from it, you know, when he wanted to walk away from it… Now he’s deciding to come back, so obviously he’s made peace with that decision of being away from the game and coming back.  --Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony 

Lynch is returning to Seattle for his second stint with the Seahawks, and 12s aren’t the only ones excited for Lynch to be back.

Melo understands that excitement surrounding Lynch’s return.

Since this was the first Anthony was hearing the news after Monday’s loss to the Pelicans, he asked reporters about the return saying, “Is it with Seattle?”

“They need him. They could use him. They definitely could use him,” Anthony said with a smile.  

Lynch retired after the 2015 season, however, the five-time Pro Bowler came out of a one-year retirement to play for his hometown team, the Oakland Raiders, in 2017 and 2018.

At 33 years old, Lynch never filed retirement papers with the league after last season.

Melo admits that his own return and Money Lynch’s return aren’t the same because he can imagine it’s different returning to play in the NBA versus the NFL.


But, there’s one major factor that both Melo and Lynch have in common in their return:

Both players are and have been extremely well-received.

Just as the love poured in from around the NBA when Anthony first stepped foot back on the court with the Blazers in New Orleans back on November 19th, Money Lynch hasn’t even put on a practice jersey for the Seahawks yet and 12s are going nuts for the reunion.

So from one Beast Mode player to the next, Rip City says welcome back Marshawn Lynch.