Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Carmelo Anthony isn’t shy about showing that he is much more than a basketball player. Over recent months, we know the man loves his wine.

The Trail Blazers veteran has been staying busy with his weekly Youtube show, “What’s In Your Glass” to pass the time. In this episode with actor/comedian Jamie Foxx, he reveals that he has been putting his own brand of wine on fast track since being stuck in quarantine.

So much so, we could be seeing a Carmelo Anthony brand of wine could be available this holiday season, at least to family and friends before reaching the masses.


Carmelo has always loved wine, so what took him so long to finally get going on his own brand of wine? Carmelo really wanted to make sure that everything is just right before going to market.

We are very critical. So when I come, I have to come correct at the end of the day. I have just been taking my time and really getting into the game and learning the whole business as opposed to just putting my name on something or slapping a logo on a bottle.

Even outside of basketball, Carmelo is always trying to soak up the game and learn everything and anything about something he is passionate about.

Let’s see if Carmelo can produce as much success in the wine industry as much as he does on the court.


Watch the entire episode of ‘What’s In Your Glass’ here.

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