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Carmelo Anthony stole "3 to the Dome" celebration from Blazers legend

Portland Trail Blazers

The celebration has become an iconic part of Carmelo Anthony's game. 

Anytime he hits a deep ball, he holds out three fingers and touches them to the side of his head. The celebration has become known as "3 to the Dome"

However, it now appears the celebration isn't of his own creation. In fact, it came from another Portland Trail Blazers icon: Rasheed Wallace. 

Wallace came out of retirement in 2012 to play for the New York Knicks. The face of the franchise at that time? Carmelo Anthony. 

Also on that Knicks squad was a young Iman Shumpert. 

Shumpert sat down for Inside the Association with host Shams Charania to talk all things hoops. During the interview he told a story about how Melo stole "3 to the Dome" from Sheed:

(Answer starts at the 6:24 mark)

People don't realize, Melo doing to the three to the head, how that started was Rasheed Wallace. He always had a three-point celebration. He stared the three to the head, and then Sheed got hurt. But Sheed started this. It was funny as hell, Melo, of course... once the God do it, everyone gonna run with it. Everybody was like, "Yo, the Melo three to the head." - Iman Shumpert. 

Shed started, Melo ran with it. But the story doesn't end there. Being the veteran leader that he was, Sheed didn't even take Melo to task. Said Shumpert, "Sheed comes in one day... Sheed walks in and he says, "Hey, Melo, I'm not even gonna charge you for that."


"3 to the Dome" has become loved in Rip City, where you see it all over social media and could see fans doing inside Moda Center when Melo made a three-pointer. 

As Shumpert puts it, is had the same cultural impact on New York at the time.

Little kids is doing for their games, all the little street ballers at Dyckman and Rucker, everybody doing it. - Iman Shumpert.

The world can thank Sheed for this Melo icon. If Melo does this celebration every time he hits a deep ball, then anytime an opposing team misses a free throw he better start yelling "ball don't lie." Sheed might even let him use that one for free, too.