Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Bonzi Wells couldn’t believe how big the city of Portland was when he first laid eyes on it.

Visiting downtown Portland made Wells, who was from a small town in Indiana, realize just how far he had come. 

“Portland literally looked like New York City to me when I went downtown,” said Wells on the latest episode of “The Bridge” with Justin Myers. “ It was like WOW look at these big buildings! I made! I am in the big time."

Wells and former his teammate Rasheed Wallace, co-hosts of the Let’s Get Technical podcast, spoke with Justin Myers virtually and discussed their first experience coming to Portland, the Jail Blazers era, and the expectations they had upon entering the Rose City.

Wells, not having ever really left Indiana, didn’t know there were two Portland's out there.

I remember my agent calling me and said "You’re going to Portland... I literally thought I was going to Portland, Maine!

Wells spent his first five seasons in Portland with the Trail Blazers, including the infamous “Jail Blazers” era.

That time in Portland is not remembered as the most flattering time in franchise history. 

Despite all of that, Wells spoke highly of the city of Portland and his time with the Blazers. He says he really never wanted to leave in the city, but we know that did not last.


He even mentions Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard, who has publicly stated that he wants to be a Blazer for life.

I love Portland, Portland was great for me. I actually never wanted to leave Portland, I have the same mindset as Damian Lillard has now. I wanted to stay here for the rest of my career. I don’t want to know anything else.

Wells will always be loved in the city of Portland. The “Jail Blazers" era is a time this franchise will never forget.

You can hear more from Wells and Wallace episode of The Bridge Podcast here: