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Portland Trail Blazers

Since the final episode of 'The Last Dance,' ESPN’s docuseries on Michael Jordan, NBA players, current and former, have shared their thoughts on who is the Greatest of All-Time.

The debate of who is better between Michael Jordan and LeBron James has some players and analysts heated.

Former Portland Trail Blazer and 10x NBA All-Star, who also battled it out numerous times against MJ, Clyde Drexler shared his opinion on the matter.

In a recent interview with SportsTalk 790’s ‘The A-Team,’ Drexler discussed The Last Dance, his overall career, the debate on who is the best NBA player of all-time and more.   

More than 20 years after Drexler and MJ last laced it up against each other, Drexler has his own opinion on the GOAT debate.

Clyde the Glide believes neither Jordan nor LeBron James should be the only two automatically pegged as the NBA's greatest player of all time.

I have a real problem with that, because out of all the guys that played the game, for you to have a conversation of these two guys as the GOAT when you've got Wilt Chamberlain and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, two of the greatest players to ever live - I think you start with those two. Clyde Drexler told ‘The A-Team.’

Drexler also offered up suggestions on a handful of other NBA greats.

"And then you've got guys like Dr. J [Julius Erving], Larry Bird, George Gervin, Elgin Baylor, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West. All those guys are in the conversation, and so for people to bring this up today, to me it's just unbelievable. And I love Michael and LeBron. But still, let's not take something away from those other guys who played."


Drexler played for the Trail Blazers from 1983-1995 after being selected as the No. 14 overall pick by Portland. He then went on and won a championship in 1995 with the Rockets.

He wasn’t done discussing the debate of MJ and LeBron with 'The A-Team,' in fact, he called it "blasphemy" to not include Wilt and the like.

"How are you going to say somebody is better than those guys?" Drexler said. "I just don't even get it. It's blasphemy at best. And it's always by people who have never played the game who are making these assessments because people who played the game know better. You don't put people ahead of people - nobody was better than those people."

The Trail Blazers great also mentioned that basketball is a team sport.

“This is a team game, it’s not one guy… So I hate when people act like it’s an individual competition.”

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Listen to the full interview right here.

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