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Damian Lillard is not a superstar, "That Guy" in NBA, Skip Bayless says

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Damian Lillard has a superstar profile and plenty of accolades to back it up. 

He’s a five-time NBA All-Star, four-time All-NBA selection recipient, the 2012-13 Rookie of the Year and is coming off a 2019 season where he led the Trail Blazers to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in nearly two decades last season.

Heck, even NBA2K dubbed Lillard the king of point guards when they announced the Portland Trail Blazers guard as the first athlete on the cover of NBA2K21. 

But, Skip Bayless isn’t convinced Lillard has reached superstar level quite yet. On the 'Undisputed' Monday morning, he took jabs at Lillard, a 88.9 free throw shooter, for missing two free throws on Saturday as Patrick Beverley and Marcus Morris Sr. taunted his misses. 

I’ll allow you to continue to stick your head in the hand on Damian Lillard, but I’m not going to. What happened on Saturday afternoon validated what I’ve been asking about Damian Lillard. Is he really “That Guy?” Does he really have super in front of star in front of his name?

I don’t see it and I haven’t seen it when it really, really counted, and I don’t think the Clippers had seen it either. Because I gotta tell you, they laughed at your man. They clowned your man when he missed the two free throws, then missed the tying three late in that game. They’re over on the bench, their tapping their imaginary watches ‘it’s Dame Time,’ their waving goodbye to him just like the way he waved goodbye to Russell Westbrook and in the end Paul George, he was there, and their waving goodbye to him…


And the great irony of this is the Blazers are the team the Clippers are rooting for to play your team, the Lakers, because it’s obvious, it is painfully obvious, that the Portland Trail Blazers have the best chance, at least on paper, of at least giving your guys a tussle in the first round on the playoffs. -- Skip Bayless

Bayless continued to harp on what he perceives as Lillard’s failure to lead his team, referencing the Blazers star and his decision to uncharacteristically pass up a potentially game-tying 3 against the Boston Celtics. 

Instead, Lillard quickly threw a pass to a cutting Jusuf Nurkic, who laid it in with 3.4 seconds to play, pulling Portland within one. Boston hit a pair of free throws, a Nurk inbounds pass sailed out of bounds, and the Celtics walked away with a 128-124 victory. 

Damian Lillard disappeared down the stretch of that game... He missed the tying three with 53 seconds left in that game. It came early in the bubble, but the point is: they had em’ and then they didn’t, because that guy has to be that guy down the stretch of these games in the Bubble that are seed games. They should easily be 6-0. -- Skip Bayless

What Bayless failed to point out is that when the pressure fell on Lillard Sunday, as the Blazers took on the Philadelphia 76ers, he responded. 

When the Sixers took a 114-108 lead with 4:23 remaining, Portland shot back with 12 unanswered points, capped by seven-straight points from Lillard on the and-one 3-pointer and a pull-up triple on the next possession.

The Trail Blazers star followed the missed free throws game by exploding for 51 points as the Blazers took down the 76ers 124-121, putting Patrick Beverley and Paul George’s petty postgame drama in the rear-view mirror. 

Shannon Sharpe knows it’s not the bad plays or even the savage trash talk off-the-court that makes you a superstar, it’s how you respond, and Lillard did...just like he has time and time again.

“When you look at Dame, he’s a superstar,” Sharpe said. “I believe he’s a Top 10 player. He’s in my Top 10 for what it’s worth, because he’s big time. He can take and make big shots, he can get to the basket, he’s a great free throw shooter and I’m surprised like everybody else that he missed those two free throws.” 

Bayliss still isn't buying "Dame Time," but Lillard doesn't need to explain to him why he's truly an elite player. He'll never have Lillard's respect anyways. 


I have never been buying nothing about you fam. You a joke. And after our private convo full of back pedaling you will never have my respect." -- Damian Lillard

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