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Damian Lillard's ‘bad shot’ and wave still has Thunder fans salty

Portland Trail Blazers

Dear Oklahoma City Thunder fans,

It’s been nearly a year and we know you are still upset.

We would be, too, if Damian Lillard launched as cold-blooded of a game-winning shot as he did on that fateful day in the 2019 NBA Playoffs.

For those who don’t remember what went down, we will quickly recap:

Tied at 115-all in Game 5 of the opening-round playoff series, Lillard dribbled down the clock before launching a 40-foot 3-pointer at the buzzer over then Defensive Player of the Year Paul George.

You know what happened next, the shot went in and then Dame in all of his glory, waved goodbye to the Thunder bench. It was one of the most savage series game-winners you’ll ever see and obviously the stuff of legends.

Moving on, the Trail Blazers are 26-33 so far this season and are on the fringes of the final playoff spot in the West, while the Thunder is 36-22 and 10.5 games ahead of Portland in the standings.

Portland has been back-and-forth with Lillard sidelined with a groin injury suffered before All-Star break. On Tuesday, the Blazers succumbed to the Boston Celtics in a 118-106 loss.

Enter Thunder troll:

Dame shot back with a poised response of his own:


Dame’s right. Thunder fans are still hurting. But they do not want Dame coming for them in the playoffs again this season. With 23 games left to play, don’t count the Blazers out of the playoff picture. 

Lillard is expected to return in a few games and will travel with the team during their upcoming three-game road trip to Indiana, Atlanta and Orlando. The Trail Blazers have not set a date for Jusuf Nurkic’s return following a season-ending leg injury in 2019, but he recently teased out his imminent return with a post on Twitter, which showed two loading icons. Heck, there's even a chance Zach Collins could make it back if he's healthy and risk-free. 

As for the wave, it will live forever. The Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is probably constructing a LillardTime wing as we speak. Let it burn Thunder fans, but also appreciate the greatness that's upon you. It's a moment in history, a moment in time, the basketball world won't soon forget.