Portland Trail Blazers

Does the NBA actually want Blazers to face Lakers? Another conspiracy theory

Portland Trail Blazers

You've already heard that conspiracy theory about NBA coaches doing all they can to help the Trail Blazers win seeding games, because they think the Trail Blazers have the best chance to beat the Lakers, right?

Well, I've got another theory for you that was passed along to me Wednesday night.

Ponder this one as you settle in tonight to watch Portland battle Brooklyn. This is a game that guarantees the Trail Blazers the eighth seed if they win, but could send them home if they lose.

The theory is that the NBA really needs the Lakers -- and, of course, LeBron James -- to make it to the NBA Finals. TV ratings, you know. So if the NBA has been listening to all the insiders and former players who believe Portland has a great chance to knock off Los Angeles in the first round, well...

Do you think the people who run this league would want the Lakers to have to face that kind of threat in the first round? You have to admit it would at least make them a little nervous.

And do you think that message would be sent to the officials for tonight's game? No offense, but the teams aren't exactly getting a blue-ribbon, NBA Finals-caliber crew with Eric Lewis, Gediminis Petraitis and JT Orr slated to work the game.

Now I'm not saying this could happen, but the NBA has always been a hotbed for conspiracy theories and it's my pleasure to pass this one along.