Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Was it a dunk?

Was it not a dunk?

Upon further review... IT WAS A DUNK.

Trail Blazers backup guard Seth Curry had been 1 of 11 active players this season that has played in at least 100 NBA games and had yet to record a dunk. So when it happened... or didn't happen...social media went crazy! 

And so did Kevin and Lamar on the broadcast. The debate began immediately. Kevin called it a lay-up. Lamar insisted it was a dunk. It was initially ruled in the box score as a one-foot shot.

Curry trotted to the Blazers bench after a Toronto timeout smiling ear to ear. But was it a "I just dunked for the first time," smile? Or a "Coach Stotts is going to give me a hard time for not dunking again," smile...?

Even after review, there wasn't a clear consensus. 

"I told him it’s good we’re counting that one,” Lamar Hurd said on the broadcast. “I’ve been giving him a hard time."

The Merriam-Webster definition of ‘a dunk’ is “to throw a basketball into the basket from above the rim.”

Seth's brother, Steph, seemed to think it was...

After the tweet was sent out the NBA official box score changed the Curry bucket to a 1-foot dunk.

Hey maybe Steph has a little clout.

Still, we had to wait until after Kawhi Leonard hit a 12-foot jumper with seconds remaining to give the Raptors a 119-117 win to get to the bottom of it.


“You gotta count it. I touched the rim," Curry said postgame. "I got up a little bit up so, first official career NBA dunk. It felt good."

Curry initially seemed to fight it. During the timeout following the potential dunk in question, Curry joked with the Blazers broadcast team and was coy about whether it was or not.

“I was going and about halfway I was going up this is one of my few chances I’ve gotta do it," he said. "So, I didn’t go full out, but I got up just enough."

You be the judge. Is this a dunk or a lay-up at the 8:39 mark in the second quarter?

Teammate Al-Farouq Aminu isn't buying it. 

“That was a lay-up, man. I’m not counting it,” Aminu said with a smile.

Sorry Seth.

CJ McCollum fought it a little, but in the end said, "I'm happy he got his first dunk."

And, of course, it has to be in the eyes of the beholder. And if Curry says it happened, it happened. 

After 173 games, 1561 minutes and 3676 points, Seth Curry finally got that bunny and grabbed the rim for the first time in his NBA career.

He probably won't catch Giannis Antetokounmpo, who leads the NBA with 221 dunks so far this season. But, everyone has to start somewhere. 

Either way, maybe we’ll see more Seth jams as the Blazers look to close out this seven-game trip strong with two more games left on the slate.