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Elle Leonard inks a “A Dry Goodbye”

Portland Trail Blazers

Meyers Leonard and his wife Elle are moving to Miami and moving on.

A heartfelt message from Elle Leonard has been trending on social media.

Elle took to her website, elleleonard.com, on Sunday to say goodbye to Portland, and to say goodbye to the Leonards’ anxiety and depression that was ensued during a rough stretch in his career.

But she also wanted to share the good times over the last seven years in Portland, while wading through the three stages of being traded.

It was on July 1st when Meyers and Elle found out that Meyers was traded to Miami in a three-team trade that included Maurice Harkless heading to the Clippers, and the Blazers receiving Hassan Whiteside in return.

Elle shared her thoughts on how her husband’s commitment to the Trail Blazers organization had her blindsided by the trade.

“Over the last seven years, I’ve watched him commit his heart to a city, community, and organization. There have been hard times and good times, but ultimately there was an undeniably special bond,” Elle wrote.

“This is why on July 1, 2019––the drop we felt would never come, dropped the hardest,” Elle continued.

Elle found out about the trade like most people: ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski’s breaking news tweet.

Elle wrote, “People wanted answers. But, I only knew as much as Woj’s 133-character tweet explained.”

This is a goodbye story that includes the past and the present of Meyers and Elle’s life story from moving to Portland to getting married in Portland to both of them battling depression and anxiety.


Elle expressed her feelings on the 2016-17 season and why she stopped going to Moda Center that year. 

“During any true growth, there are setbacks. And for us, the 2016-2017 season was when everything fell apart.


Until recently, Meyers never spoke publicly about that year. Actually, he never told any friends or family about what he had gone through. But on a local Portland podcast, I heard Meyers finally admit that he had battled severe depression and anxiety.


We never had a conversation about him telling this story prior to the podcast. So when I heard him speak openly about it, I was both proud and scared.”

Elle went onto say, “the 2016-2017 season was the year that I slowly stopped attending games. I knew Meyers wasn’t healthy. So sitting in that arena felt like absolute torture. Each opportunity seemed to be coupled with an injury or heartache. Each game, it was like I had a front-row seat to watch my husband’s pain on public display.”

After having “hit rock bottom” during those struggles of that season, Elle and Meyers leaned on their support group named the “Dream Team.”

With Elle and Meyers calling Portland home, Elle wrote “what we realized is that rock bottom can actually be a trampoline as long as you’re willing to jump.”

Elle also made sure to show her gratitude of her and her husband’s time in Portland:

“You will always hold a special place in our hearts and a beautiful chapter in our story.”

READ the entire goodbye right here.