Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Evan Turner has a message for Russell Westbrook: Nobody puts baby in the corner.

After scoring on Westbrook in the second quarter of Tuesday’s game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Turner celebrated by creating his own version of Westbrook’s iconic “rock the baby” celebration, and oh, it was glorious. 

Apparently, Turner’s move didn’t sit well with Westbrook, who clapped back at the Blazers' guard/forward following the game.

“I didn’t even see it,” Westbrook said. “He can rock it right back to Portland.”

Turner took to social media on Wednesday to defend his celebration, saying that he had no regrets throwing it down on the seven-time NBA All-Star, who finished with yet another triple-double of 21 points, 10 rebounds and 14 assists.

“Stop outing me for the rock the cradle joint,” Turner said. “I thought it was funny, always wanted to do it. Does Russ not do it? He does. Did he do it to two of my teammates? Correct.”

He continued: “Russ is amazing at a lot of things, triple double, all that stuff. But I posted him up. I scored on him…But did I know if he posted up a smaller defender what that means? Yeah I did, and that’s what happened. So, deal with it.”

Turner wasn’t the only player Westbrook had issues with on Tuesday. He trash-talked Damian Lillard while shooting free throws in the fourth quarter, then exchanged fake laughs with Jusuf Nurkic after having a jumper blocked by the Bosnian Beast.


The distaste for Nurkic carried on following the game, when Westbrook seemingly mumbled “I ain’t talking about this clown,” when asked about fighting through screens from Nurkic. 

Nurkic clowned Westbrook on social media after the video was released, sharing a tweet with Westbrook’s signature shoe catchphrase.

“'Why Not' Westbrick,” Nurkic said with crying emojis.

The two teams definitely have some beef to sort out. The Blazers and Thunder next square up on Feb. 11 in Oklahoma City.