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Hey Max Kellerman, your ‘apology’ to Carmelo Anthony kind of sucks

Portland Trail Blazers

Dear Max Kellerman,

Your ‘apology’ or rather lack of one to Carmelo Anthony sort of sucks.


Rip City.

The moment 36-year-old, 17-year and 10x NBA All-Star veteran Carmelo Anthony put on the black and red pinwheel jersey, he has been an important factor in Portland pursuit of a playoff run this season.

And after last night’s performance against the Houston Rockets, hitting a dagger three-pointer that sealed the win against his former team, many took to social media to call out all the Melo haters and doubters and demanding an apology.

One of those people called out was ESPN’s First Take Max Kellerman who had this to say of Melo back on May 1, 2018:

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On Wednesday, Kellerman was called out for his comments two years ago and if he had a change of heart on Melo. Not exactly…

Absolutely not. I do not owe Carmelo Anthony an apology and people need to stop with this foolishness. I tell the truth as I see it. Carmelo Anthony though he still was a super star when he was no longer, his ego took hits… If you needed a bucket in iso, could he get you a bucket? Yes he could. So I mentioned, he’s like a 15-minute player of someone’s bench…


What I will say is that Carmelo proved my prediction about him wrong. I certainly don’t owe him an apology. — Max Kellerman

What Kellerman doesn’t understand is that the apology needs to come from calling Melo ‘washed’ because that signifies that Melo will never be ‘Melo’ again. His time in the league had run its course and that he should have retired back in 2018. 

However, that could not be farther from the truth. 

Melo has rejuvenated with his opportunity in Portland and Rip City is loving it. 

Former Cleveland Cavaliers forward and NBA Champion Richard Jefferson called out Kellerman on the term ‘washed’ to which Kellerman said:

If I ever said he’s ‘washed’, for that I apologize because he’s not washed. — Max Kellerman

But, you did Max so thanks for the sort-of apology. It was the kind of apology that was along the lines of ‘I’m sorry your feelings are hurt but I’m not sorry I said it.”

Regardless of Kellerman’s comments, ‘Skinny Melo’ and the Blazers (2-1) picked up a huge win in their race for the eight seed in the Western Conference. With just five games to go and 1.5 games behind the Memphis Grizzlies for that final spot, the Blazers will need more unapologetic Melo.