How to watch, stream Trail Blazers vs Knicks tonight at 7pm

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How to watch, stream Trail Blazers vs Knicks tonight at 7pm

The Portland Trail Blazers (9-15) will look to bounce back against the New York Knicks (4-19) Tuesday night.

Portland is coming off a 108-96 loss to the Thunder Sunday night. Foul trouble, showing their frustrations, and poor shooting for the Blazers led to the loss.

While New York is going through its own issues. The Knicks have won just one road game all season. Last week, New York fired their head coach David Fizdale. The Knicks have named Mike Miller interim head coach.

You can watch all the action between the Blazers and Knicks on NBC Sports Northwest, the Official Network of the Portland Trail Blazers and you can stream the game on our website or by downloading the MyTeams app!

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4:30pm Blazers Game Day with Chad Doing

6:00pm Blazers Warm-Up

6:30pm Trail Blazers Pregame Show

7:00pm Trail Blazers vs. Kings

After the game catch Blazers Outsiders with hosts Joe Simons and Dan Marang!

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“Not playing well enough to win games – and it’s frustrating. The start of the game – pretty much the whole game – we weren’t making shots. And on our home floor we’ve got to bring energy into the game. Our crowd is out here showing up and the situation that we’re in, our urgency wasn’t where it needed to be. --- Damian Lillard after Sunday’s loss

The real reason for making the Trevor Ariza trade is the most obvious one

The real reason for making the Trevor Ariza trade is the most obvious one

One last clarification on the imminent addition of Trevor Ariza and his impact on trades and the Trail Blazers' salary cap:

Though the contract counts only as the current guaranteed amount of $1.8 million, the salary protection can be adjusted upward to any amount up to the full contract number of $12.8 million to make a trade work. So based on the 175 percent range to make a trade work, the contract can still bring back significantly more salary than the Trail Blazers would send out, making it very favorable to the other team.

It has been speculated that the Trail Blazers are taking the first step toward moving under the tax threshold by making this deal. But that's not likely. Most league sources believe that to get its payroll pruned to that extent, Portland would have to convey a first-round draft pick -- which the team is not likely to do.

The real reason for the trade is likely the most obvious one -- it brings in a player who may be a better fit than the ones who left, while saving the team $12.3 million. The team may be slightly more competitive with a 6-8 small forward, who at one time was a solid 3-and-D player, while making the payroll a bit more responsible.

Here's the inside scoop on Trevor Ariza and Wenyen Gabriel

Here's the inside scoop on Trevor Ariza and Wenyen Gabriel

Sacramento Kings Insider for NBCS James Ham his here to the rescue!

Ham is providing Trail Blazers fans with everything they need to know about the newest Trail Blazers before Saturday’s trade with the Kings becomes official.

Ham has been covering the Kings since September of 2015.

And, he thinks Blazers fans will like what they see from the two players they’ve never seen in a Blazers jersey.

First up: NBA Champion Trevor Ariza   

“Ariza signed a two-year, $25 million deal in the offseason to provide veteran leadership and depth at the forward position. The final year is only guaranteed for $1.8 million, making him slightly more than an expiring contract for Portland. He was a calming influence on the Kings younger players, especially on the defensive end. He's not as mobile as he once was and his 3-point shot goes on the fritz at inopportune times, but he’s a solid player that can help replace some of the defense that the Blazers lost during the offseason with the departures of Moe Harkless and Al-Farouq Aminu.” – James Ham

Ariza seems like a guy who could fit in nicely with Terry Stotts’ system. The 43rd overall pick of the 2004 NBA draft is averaging six points and 4.6 rebounds this season.

And then there is Wenyen Gabriel:

“After a strong showing in Summer League during the summer of 2018, the Sacramento Kings inked Wenyen Gabriel to a two-year, two-way contract. He didn’t play a minute for the kings last season, instead spending his entire season with the Kings’ G League affiliate in Stockton.

While he didn’t have a breakout season with the Stockton Kings, Gabriel hit the weight room hard during the summer and impressed new head coach Luke Walton with his work ethic. During training, Garbiel continued with his strong play and the Kings converted his two-way contract to a regular roster contract.

With a bevy of injuries, the Kings reduced their rotation down to a small number of players early in the season. Gabriel has seen limited action, but the coaching staff continued to work on his development off the court. He is a hard worker with an NBA body. He’s long and athletic and he’s worked hard to stretch his shooting range beyond the 3-point line.

Wenyen is well liked in the locker room and he has plenty of potential as a combo-forward. He will need time to develop, but there is a chance for him to become an NBA rotational player down the road.” – James Ham

One thing is certain when it comes to Gabriel:

He has a good sense of humor.

The 22-year-old has played in 11 total games for the Kings this season.

Portland will host the Golden State Warriors Monday night and will be short-handed once again because the trade will not be official until at least Tuesday.

Make sure to keep it locked on NBCSNW for more on the newest Trail Blazers.

Keeping the faith: How Bazemore and Tolliver will be missed

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Keeping the faith: How Bazemore and Tolliver will be missed

Thinking back to last July when Kent Bazemore first spoke with the media: He was dressed in a suit for his official press conference as a Trail Blazer -- a bright-eyed veteran forward who was eager to have a fresh beginning.

Anthony Tolliver had just finished a workout before addressing the media on a warm summer day. He discussed his excitement to join a team that was coming off a Western Conference Finals run. He was ready to help the Blazers space the floor and provide leadership off the bench.

It didn’t pan out the way these two had hoped, to say the least. Although, their eventual trade was prognosticated.

And while it was expected that Baze and AT wouldn’t be in Portland very long, based on their contracts, that doesn't mean there isn't plenty that their teammates are going to miss about them.

Reports of the two being traded surfaced Saturday afternoon, nearly four hours before the Blazers tipped off their final game of their three-game trip with Portland visiting OKC.

For many of Rip City faithful, they will miss Bazemore’s chase down blocks and the energy he brought on the defensive end.

Yet, fans may not know exactly what will be missed when it comes to Bazemore and Tolliver in the eyes of the Blazer players themselves.

While reminiscing about the past four months, the Blazers mentioned how they will miss the way Tolliver carried himself as a journeyman in the league.

They will also miss the way he connected them to their faith.  

Tolliver was a big advocate of attending chapel.

The chapel sessions usually last about 15 minutes. For some players, such as Tolliver, attending chapel service has become a staple in their pregame routine.

All 30 NBA teams have volunteer chaplains who meet with the teams an hour before every game inside every arena. There’s no requirement that players attend, though more did this year.

Directly following Saturday’s loss to the Thunder, all eyes were on Trail Blazers floor general Damian Lillard as he spoke about the move.

For Lillard, it’s all about staying neutral when a trade comes down the pipe. He’s the face of the franchise. He has to remain steadfast, diplomatic.


But now, thanks to Tolliver, Lillard has his faith to lean on more. 

I’m always in the middle when the moves happen because I develop friendships and relationships with my teammates... Me and Baze spent a lot of time around each other, interacted a lot even before he was brought to Portland… It’s sad to see him go.  

Same thing with AT.

AT has been a big part of me taken a step forward in my faith. Being in Chapel and sending scriptures and stuff like that – so, he’s had an impact on me and our team in that way and how he is with the younger players – showing them how to be a true professional. -- Trail Blazers point guard Damian Lillard on losing Bazemore and Tolliver   

While a handful of Blazers addressed the media about the trade, Jusuf Nurkic and Mario Hezonja took to Twitter to thank their now former teammates and wish them luck.

The two veterans, who are about to embark on their new life in Sacramento, may have had the most impact on the young Blazers just like Lillard said.

On a career night for Gary Trent Jr., he discussed how difficult it is to lose teammates to a trade.

The second-year player believes there are two big things he will truly miss: The energy and faith...

AT and Baze were great teammates. I learned a lot from Baze. Same with AT. With AT, with his presence, having a bible study for the team, we’re going to miss that type of stuff. Baze, with his energy. Me and Baze was always joking around, playing around every day with each other. But, it’s a business, at the end of the day, and teams are going to have to do what they have to do. We all know, we all signed up for that. I wish nothing but the best for them. -- Trail Blazers shooting guard Gary Trent Jr.

Just because every professional athlete knows and says “it’s a business,” doesn’t mean they have to be okay with it all.

And from the sounds of it, it doesn’t ever seem to get any easier.  

Seventeen-year veteran, Carmelo Anthony has witnessed his fair share of trades.

He said he “was shocked” to get the text about the move, but offered up an explanation on how he deals with teammates coming and going:

“I say it’s a part of the game… Because you start to build friendships and relationships and bonds with guys, and at any given moment something like that can actually happen. I’m more talking about everything outside of basketball. I think the front office had to do what they had to do -- I don’t question that, but from our standpoint as players and guys who got a chance to kind of bond and build a friendship that’s a tough one,” Melo said.

It’s all part of the game, fair or foul.

Still, it’s part of Lillard’s approach of ‘staying in the middle’ when it comes to trades is about making sure he’s not just focusing on losing teammates.

“You’ve got new guys coming in and you don’t want to lose sight of the fact that it’s a business and make guys who are coming in not feel welcome – that’s why I’m always in the middle, because I’m always going to welcome new teammates, but it’s always sad to see guys you’ve got a relationship with [go].”

As Lillard and the rest of the Trail Blazers welcome in Trevor Ariza and Wenyen Gabriel, while also welcoming back Caleb Swanigan, it’s about starting anew right now.

The second half of the season is about to ramp up for the Blazers, Lillard is looking forward to what Ariza could bring to this team.

"I think he can really help us. I think the situation that we in 18-26 I think; it’s not where we planned on being. Things haven't been working out, we haven't been winning a lot of games and his experience, his skill set --3 and D, he can guard, pretty much four positions… And his size, it gives us something we could really use,” Lillard said.

The Trail Blazers will still have to wait at least one more game to start figuring it out with their new pieces. The trade will not become official until Tuesday.

Portland hosts Golden State Monday night at 7:00pm on NBCSNW.

Trail Blazer fans: Relying on someone else's expertise is not always the best thing

Trail Blazer fans: Relying on someone else's expertise is not always the best thing

Tom Ziller added a paragraph to his post a few minutes ago that pretty much takes all the punch out of it, The paragraph reads:

An earlier version of this story said Ariza could be traded in the offseason at his full salary of $12.8 million. That’s not true: only his guaranteed salary of $1.8 million would count in a trade.

Anyway, here's the rest of the post as written:

I've never considered myself an NBA salary cap expert. It's gotten too complicated these days and frankly, things like that don't interest me too much. So I leave it to the experts.

But Tom Ziller IS an expert and he's opened my eyes to the Easter egg in the Trevor Ariza trade that's waiting for the Trail Blazers:

All of these contracts expire this summer, with the exception of Ariza: he’s due $12.8 million next season, with a wrinkle. Bazemore makes much more (he’s a Free Agent Class of 2016 alum), and this deal significantly cuts Portland’s tax bill, apparently saving the Blazers $16 million. The Kings did the Blazers an enormous favor here at little cost to them, except giving up on Swanigan and Gabriel, who had been spending much of their recent time in the G League for the Stockton Kings.

The wrinkle on Ariza’s deal is that he’s only guaranteed $1.8 million of his $12.8 million contract next season. If he doesn’t help the Blazers, they can waive him and escape most of salary cap hit. Bazemore’s contract is expiring; Ariza’s might as well be. That $1.8 million would count against the salary cap and potential luxury tax for Portland next season, but the current season savings and theoretical better roster fit counter that. (Plus, there’s a decent chance Portland could unload one of Swanigan or Gabriel before the deadline to further lower the luxury tax hit.)

But Ariza’s mostly unguaranteed 2020-21 salary is interesting for another reason: it makes him a fascinating trade chip as fake salary filler, especially in the time around the NBA draft. The Blazers will be able to use Ariza in a trade to match salaries as if he’s a player making $12.8 million. The team that trades for him in such a deal can then waive him before next season — we don’t know the exact non-guarantee deadline, but these things are often in June and typically negotiable with the player — to cut salary.

There are plenty of positives in this deal and not all of them are obvious. I like the "fake salary filler" gambit the best. More from Ziller:

We don’t know that the Blazers are big game hunting as this season has been shredded by injuries to Nurkic and Zach Collins, and the ownership situation is somewhat unsettled in the wake of Paul Allen’s death. Allen would consistently spend to make the team better. We don’t yet know if that will continue.

If it does, and if Portland elects to make a major splash in the next couple of weeks or this summer, Ariza’s contract could really help make the numbers work. If nothing comes to pass, the Ariza trade saves the Blazers a substantial sum of money. And if all that’s not enough, there’s a chance — not a big one, but a chance — that Ariza helps Portland in the right ways to take hold of the up-for-grabs No. 8 seed in the West.

Gary Trent Jr.'s Flu Game leads to a career-high and a trip down memory lane

Gary Trent Jr.'s Flu Game leads to a career-high and a trip down memory lane

OKLAHOMA CITY – The flushed face, glazed over eyes, and low energy feeling being exerted from Gary Trent Jr.’s face was what his teammates witnessed at their team meeting Saturday morning in OKC. 

And then… 

Trent Jr. not only played, he dropped a 30-piece.

“There’s no way I thought he was playing today,” Carmelo Anthony chuckled when thinking about how Trent Jr. was barely moving at the team meeting. 

With injuries and a trade that sent Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver to Sacramento, the Blazers had the required league-minimum of eight players on the active roster.

One of those eight was Trent Jr. who was still dealing with a “flu-like” illness.  

Fortunately for the Blazers, he was feeling a lot better by tip-off.

“When you’re sick, the morning is always the worst,” Trent Jr. said postgame. “You’re groggy, you’re tired, you’re sore and obviously playing that night before, but like I said though, the medical staff made sure I was well prepared for the game. So, I’m fortunate they were there for me."

Portland fell to the Thunder 119-106 despite Trent Jr.’s career-high and Damian Lillard’s 34-point performance.  

The short-handed Blazers clearly ran out of gas Saturday night.  

But, even though it didn’t look like Trent Jr. had any gas left in his tank after dealing with the worst of the illness Friday night in Dallas, he wasn't about to take a sick day.

There was no time when I didn’t think that I wasn’t going to be good to go. You know, your job is to play basketball. Some people go to work still sick, you still have to work, you still have to do your job in a sense. I was always going to be available no matter what my state was.  -- Trail Blazers shooting guard Gary Trent Jr. said postgame

And hey, “just be great,” right?

That mantra is found all over Trent Jr.'s social media accounts whether he’s posting a photo to Instagram or tweeting out a highlight video with the ‘love-you gesture’ emoji hands, he says he not only plays by that motto, but also lives by it.

The now 21-year-old says he was trying to come up with a saying since LeBron James coined the ‘strive for greatness’ phrase and once he came up with ‘just be great,’ he “has been running with it ever since.”

“I’ve been saying that for a while now, since like high school,” Trent Jr. said.

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts reminded the media before the game that it was Trent Jr.’s 21st birthday. After the game, he gave praise to the birthday boy.

“I was very happy Gary Trent had a good game. Obviously, it was one of the best games of his career. Particularly coming off an illness, I thought that was a great game by him."

Anytime a professional athlete has a career night and doesn’t get the win, they’re obviously not satisfied.

“We came here to win,” Trent Jr. said. “I’m not here to get numbers, but it was a great thing for my birthday. But we lost, so we have to go back to the drawing board, and a good thing about the NBA is that we have another game Monday to redeem ourselves.”

A person's 21st birthday is usually one they remember forever. The best year in a long string of birthdays. That may not be the case for Trent. Not only was he sick, but his 21st birthday has some stiff competition.

“My 21st birthday I was sick, so nothing can beat five-year-old, six-year-old at Chucky Cheese,” Trent Jr. said with a smile. “It’s second to that,” he laughed.

Even with slightly glazed over eyes still late Saturday night, the second-year player grinned from ear to ear when talking about his birthday's of the past.

“There was a place that I used to love growing up in Columbus, Ohio called Magic Mountain. It was super fun. It’s an arcade mixed with a thirty-foot jungle gym. You should really check it out.”

While Magic Mountain is going to have to wait until the offseason, right now the Blazers are forced to battle through injuries and then work to integrate their new players on the roster.  

Portland’s All-Star point guard Damian Lillard is going to continue to be proud of what Trent Jr. did on Saturday night, but also what he’s been able to do to improve this season.

“He’s battling the flu. He’s tough for lasting through two nights playing through the sickness, and he had a great game. He was aggressive. He shot the ball well. He played a great game,” Lillard said. “We knew he could fill it up coming in. In training camp, he was scoring and was able to get baskets, I think his understanding of the game has improved from last year to this year as far as recognizing plays calls, remembering coverages, knowing personnel, knowing where to be, knowing how to make plays and be in positions.”

Trent Jr. knew he could not call in sick with his team so undermanned. He has always said he is here to do whatever he needs to do to help his team win and with no CJ McCollum because of a left ankle sprain, Trent Jr. was doing his best to pick up the slack.

January 18th, 2019 will always be known as the Gary Trent Jr. Birthday Flu Game.  

After being traded, Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver are flying back with Blazers to Portland

After being traded, Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver are flying back with Blazers to Portland

Since being traded earlier Saturday, now former Trail Blazers guard Kent Bazemore broke his silence on social media. 

I have A LOT of love for Portland... a place I always saw myself playing. A place I PRAYED about getting too, and it happened... unfortunately the sh***y part about this game is this side of it. Years and years of cultivating a relationship with your peers to all see it wiped away with in a couple hours. Even though my stay here was short lived, I felt like I gained some lifelong friends. My guys held me down regardless of how I played, we were all in this together... I dont even know what else to say but #GetOffThePropertyBruv 🤣🤣 #InsideJokes @trailblazers thank you for the opportunity 

The heartfelt post revealed one thing, however. Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver, who were traded to Sacramento for Trevor Ariza, Wenyen Gabriel, Caleb Swanigan, and two second round picks are headed back with the Trail Blazers to Portland before they move on to their new team. 

The first photo shared in Bazemore's Instagram message shows the Trail Blazers players posing for a group photo. It became clear Bazemore and Tolliver were traveling back to Portland with the team when we noticed the clothing in the photo were the fits each player wore for Saturday's game in OKC. 

It shouldn't be shocking Baze and AT are headed back with the team, but since the deal hasn't yet been finalized, players and Coach Stotts are unable to provide much detail. 

Players have to pass physicals and paperwork has to be completed. It may take until Tuesday before the deal is completed with the league office.

So rest assured, Bazemore and Tolliver weren't left high and dry in Oklahoma City or forced to hitchhike to Sacramento.


Social Media reacts to Gary Trent’s flu game

Social Media reacts to Gary Trent’s flu game

Less than 24 hours before Saturday’s game vs. the Oklahoma City Thunder, Trail Blazers second-year forward Gary Trent, Jr. was getting an IV and being treated for flu-like symptoms in Dallas. 

On Saturday morning, coach Terry Stotts and members of the Portland Trail Blazers said Trent continued to not look good. “He was pale,” Carmelo Anthony said of Trent, Jr. at the team’s morning meeting. “Head on the table.”

“He did not look good.”

Then, the Trail Blazers made a trade, sending Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver out of town. The already depleted Blazers needed Trent, Jr. to suit up just to meet league requirements to field a team vs. the Thunder. 

"[I'll do] whatever I can do to help this team,” Trent, Jr. said pregame. “Whether that’s cheering on the team or playing. I’m all for it."

Instead of just riding the end of the bench, Trent, Jr. balled out. 

He made his first seven shots before a three pointer finally rimmed off. But, he remained hot, connecting on 12 of 18 of his attempts and scoring a career-high 30 points in the effort. 

It was his flu game. And while the Blazers may have lost, many on social media marveled in his effort.

What a way to ring in your 21st birthday, GT!

Just be great!

Instant Analysis: Gary Trent Jr. drops career-high despite flu

Instant Analysis: Gary Trent Jr. drops career-high despite flu

OKLAHOMA CITY – Just four hours before the Trail Blazers and Thunder tipped off from Chesapeake Energy Arena, reports surfaced that Portland had traded Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver to Sacramento.

With the two forwards no longer with the team, along with the recent injury coming Friday night in Dallas keeping CJ McCollum out of Saturday's game due to a left ankle sprain, the Trail Blazers suited up the league minimum eight players versus the Thunder.

And one of those eight players was Gary Trent Jr. who is still dealing with a “flu-like” illness.  
Fortunately for the Blazers, Trent Jr. said before the game he was feeling better and had more energy. 

It showed.

After being down by as many as 13 points in the first quarter, it looked as though the Blazers were going to be able to rally back after outscoring OKC in the second quarter. But, it was apparent the short-handed Blazers ran out of gas by the fourth. 


Here are three quick takeaways from Saturday's loss:

1.  If you suit up, you had to play for Blazers

Besides Damian Lillard, Gary Trent Jr. was the only other Blazer in double figures midway through the second quarter. Lillard already notched 24 points at the break. But with McCollum out, Lillard was also trying to get his teammates more involved on the offense. He had four of the Blazers’ six assists in the first half. 

It was a night for the young Blazers to show what they got. 

Fighting through a flu bug, Trent Jr. hit his first seven shots. He didn’t miss a shot until the 2:54 mark of the third quarter. The second-year player showed his composure while getting extended minutes. Trent Jr. was Portland’s second-leading scoring on the night with a career-high 30 points.

2. CP3 leads the charge for OKC

Chris Paul was the Thunder's leading scoring at halftime with 21 points, while also being the hype man for OKC fans in attendance. With the trade deadline approaching, Thunder fans are making sure to show their love for the starting point guard. CP3 finished with 30 points on 11-of-15 shooting. 

3.  The battle on the boards

Through three quarters, Oklahoma City was outrebounding Portland, 39-32. Hassan Whiteside had nine of those 32 boards; however, Blazer fans have become accustomed to Whiteside reaching double-digit rebounds by the fourth quarter.

Up Next: The Trail Blazers host the Golden State Warriors on Monday. The Blazers and Warriors tip-off at 7:00pm.

Check back throughout tonight and tomorrow for more articles and videos from the players!

Trail Blazers run out of gas in second half -- but really, what did you expect?

Trail Blazers run out of gas in second half -- but really, what did you expect?

The worn-out and banged-up Trail Blazers ran out of gas after about two and a half quarters Saturday night in a 119-106 loss at Oklahoma City.

And what did you expect?

With only eight players in uniform after trading away Kent Bazemore and Anthony Tolliver earlier in the day and CJ McCollum's ankle sprain Friday night, there just wasn't enough firepower in Portland uniforms to stay with the Thunder. Especially on the second of back-to-back road games.

Damian Lillard, after playing 40 minutes Friday night in Dallas, scored 34 points in 35 minutes, in spite of an 0-for-8 third quarter, to keep his team close for nearly three quarters but this one was never in the cards.

Portland's recent struggles from behind the three-point line weren't as bad against OKC as the rest of the month but they needed more threes to stay in the game. After shooting a remarkably consistent 36.5, 36.8 and 36.3 percent from three over the first three months of the season, the Trail Blazers came into this contest shooting just 32.9 in nine January games. They were better Saturday, thanks in large part to Gary Trent's 5-9 from long distance. Portland's opponents in January were shooting 38.7 percent coming into this game, making an average of four more per game than the Trail Blazers.

Chris Paul was vintage Chris Paul. He scored 30 points in 27 minutes, had seven assists and just one turnover while making 11 of his 15 shots.

"I thought Chris Paul was a really good player tonight," Terry Stotts said. "He's been a really good player for his career but he had a really good game tonight, He really managed the game, scored and when he was on the court they were a much better team. Hats off to him. I was really happy Gary Trent had a good game. Best game of his career, I think."

Trent made his first seven shots of the game and scored 30 points on just 18 shots.

Did Stotts think his team ran out of gas?

"That's possible. we were hanging in there close," Stotts said. "They made some runs, I don't know if we ran out of gas or not. Mostly, Chris Paul's impact on the game more than anything else."

Well, coaches don't like to make excuses, but they ran out of gas. And they have just one day to rest before playing host to the Golden State Warriors Monday night in Moda Center.