Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

Seattle native and NBA free agent Jamal Crawford is giving away a one of a kind jersey to help with COVID-19 relief.

It seems like a lot of local athletes in the Seattle area, such as Doug Baldwin and Russell Wilson, are doing therir part and stepping in during this COVID-19 pandemic to make sure the local community has what they need. 

Jamal Crawford decided it was his turn to help out.

The NBA veteran has recently teamed up with the Pledge It organization, which from the description of the website, is a free sports fundraising platform empowering teams and athletes to raise money based on their performance.

For the Pledge It cause, Crawford is auctioning off a signed one of a kind 12th man Seahawks Jersey that he wore during the raising of the 12th man flag.

Crawford only wore it once, so for any diehard fans, this is a one of a kind piece of material.

The donations are starting at $11 to enter for a chance to win the jersey, and greater donations are obviously most appreciated.

All the proceeds for the jersey are to help benefit the Seattle Children’s Hospital. All for a good cause that Crawford believes this could obviously help a family in need.

Please give now. Because there’s another child at Seattle Children’s who is starting treatment. Because so many families, already worried for their sick child’s health, are counting on us to protect and care for their precious little ones while we manage the challenges that come with COVID-19. They need help. From someone like you. Please give as generously as you can. For our kids.



- Jamal Crawford

If you would like to place your donation and help with the proceeds for the Seattle Children’s Hospital, you can head to the website here.