Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

There are a few things Isaac Doing loves in life: Ford pick-up trucks and former Trail Blazers big man Meyers Leonard are among them. 

Isaac Doing is a junior at Columbia River High School high school. He lettered in cross country this past fall. 

Isaac also has autism and recently had brain surgery to remove scar tissue and drain a cyst that was putting pressure on the left side of his brain and causing seizures. 

Today is Isaac's 17th birthday. Coincidentally, he shares a birthday with his favorite player. Today is also Meyers Leonard's 28th birthday!

If Isaac's last name sounds familiar, he is the son of Rip City Radio 620 host Chad Doing, who has not always been the biggest fan of the former Blazers big man. 

Chad and Meyers recently got into a back and forth on Twitter after Doing questioned the reasoning behind tribute videos focused on Meyers Leonard's return to Portland. 

The Rip City Drive host has referred to Meyers as a "bum" and "garbage" on air in the past. He hasn't held back. 

Meyers, who had been quiet throughout the years, finally responded. 

That brings us to today, February 27th, Isaac and Meyers' birthday. 

Despite the back and forth and any hard feelings, the unthinkable happened. 

Meyers Leonard found out it was Isaac's birthday and sent him a birthday message! 

Isaac, what’s going on, buddy. It’s Meyers, here. First of all, I heard some pretty cool news today. Not only is it my birthday, but it’s your 17th birthday. So, I wanted to tell you happy birthday from me personally. Also, I just wanted to say thank you for being a fan of mine. It truly means the world to me. And lastly, I know that you had surgery recently, and those times aren’t always easy, but I want to tell you to stay strong and keep believing in yourself, keep being a good person and keep working hard. See you later, buddy. Have a great night!

Leonard told NBCSNW he has one more thing up his sleeve for Isaac and it will be coming in the mail soon!

Social media is absolutely floored by this gesture, too!

Eventually, Leonard reached out and once again showed the world the type of person he is. His act of kindness left Doing speechless. 

Meyers, you are a tremendous human being. Happy birthday!