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NBA journey still has a long way to go, but so far, that's one strong bubble

Portland Trail Blazers

As we head into the final week of NBA seeding games, it’s time to take a break and reflect on what the league has been able to do with its plan to return to play.

Start off by noting that there are still no COVID-19 cases reported inside the league’s bubble. And while I don’t expect that to continue throughout the entire span of the playoffs, I think it’s an achievement.

Particularly in view of what’s happened in baseball and even PGA golf, where players have tested positive. And I would expect the NFL to be full of positive tests once its players gather for a while.

The bubble has been very efficient for the NBA. Everyone on that campus in Orlando should be praised for their cooperation and patience in a difficult situation.

I'm certain it's not an easy life.

But wasn’t it obvious from the start that if you can get the athletes and staff to buy into the science of quarantines, social distances, tests and masks, the concept is very workable?

Again, it’s not perfect. Somewhere, sometime, somebody is going to go off the ranch or contact someone from the outside and bring the virus onto the campus. But from what I’ve seen so far, the NBA will be ready to handle what comes of that.

COVID-19 doesn’t rain from the sky and it doesn’t spontaneously combust. If you are virus-free and build a fence around you or your group, you have a very good chance of never meeting up with it.

The idea of traveling from city to city and allowing players the freedom to navigate their communities without regulation or supervision, the plan that baseball is messing with, seems doomed. Are you paying attention, NFL?

The virus is extremely contagious and nothing to be playing around with. I congratulate the NBA, its players, coaches, support staff and front office officials for coming up with a plan that, so far, is keeping everyone safe and allowing the season to continue.

If only the rest of our country was as careful and sensible.