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NBA teams may get a month of practices before resuming season in Orlando

Portland Trail Blazers

As the basketball world awaits an official announcement possibly as early as today about the NBA's return, there has been a lot of speculation about why the NBA is reportedly waiting until July 31 to begin the resumption of the 2020 season.

Why not sooner?

A lot of it has to do with the welfare of the league’s players. There are still many health protocols to be decided, game schedules to be finalized and arrangements to be made in Orlando, where the teams plan to gather in their “bubble” to finish the season and playoffs.

Also, sources are saying that an effort will be made to give players plenty of time to get back into game shape after three months off.

One scenario that is being talked about is giving teams two weeks of practice at home in their own practice facilities before heading for Florida. These two weeks would not include contact work -- mainly just conditioning and basketball drills.

After those two weeks, all teams would move on to Orlando for two more weeks of practice, but this time with contact.

The idea would be that contact drills would not happen until players are cleared through testing and then ensconced in the “bubble.” That way, players can be frequently tested for the presence of COVID-19 when they are in the position of being most vulnerable to contracting the virus through contact with other players.

This scenario would mean teams would not get together for formal practice until late June or early July, Until then, players would continue their solitary workouts in their team’s practice facility -- but soon with a target date on when they would need to be ready to report for sanctioned team workouts.