Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

There have been some indications that workers who come in contact with NBA personnel during the resumption of play in Orlando will not be subject to the same protocols as the NBA people.
We’re talking about the servers, housekeepers, hotel desk employees and custodians -- among others -- who may come in contact with players, coaches, front office people, etc., being allowed to enter and leave the NBA’s “bubble” without being subject to quarantine and frequent testing.

So what that would mean, basically, is that you have a gaping hole in your bubble.

I have a very hard time thinking that the NBA would go along with such a thing. It’s obvious that all the details have not been worked out yet with Disney, which owns and operates the property where the NBA will pitch its return-to-play tent.

The league would not allow this to happen and I don’t believe Disney would, either. If that bubble isn't completely enclosed, it's completely useless. And the NBA is not going to leave such an obvious safety gap wide open,

It should not be a difficult fix. In fact, several of the Disney company’s employees have been furloughed during the closure of the amusement park and associated properties. It appears that those people would be willing to work inside a bubble because they need the job -- and it would probably pay very well. This, from a Walt Disney World source:

"While the idea of asking a Cast Member to stay within the bubble for months may seem laughable, we have Cast who have already volunteered. Many of our Cast Members have been on furlough for nearing two months now. Many of them want work again."

I would assume people working in conditions such as this would receive very high pay, which the league could even choose to participate in. But if details cannot be worked out for closing that big hole in the bubble, the entire Orlando thing will have to be scuttled.

This thing is going to be risky enough without complications like this one.