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Portland Trail Blazers

When will people stop questioning Trail Blazers All-Star Damian Lillard?

There are NBA fans out there that have constantly criticized Lillard for spending too much time on his music and not enough time in the gym during the offseason. Another critique: They don’t believe that Lillard wants to stay in Portland and will eventually leave to join a super team.

It’s human nature to discuss these topics and sometimes not to have faith. But, Lillard’s loyalty to the game and to the city of Portland has continued to hold true.

This summer, Lillard is reiterating one thing:

He does not want to and will not be joining an NBA super team.

In a recent interview with Adam Caparell of Complex, Lillard discussed how he has no desir

Lillard made it clear, he is not criticizing stars that have made that decision to join a Super Team; he just wants to take a different path.

“I think people are taking control because there’s no greater time to do it than now,” Lillard told Caparell. “And I don’t have a problem with that, but the way I see stuff is, like, I don’t prefer to go that route. Just like they’re choosing to do this stuff for their career, I’m choosing to do what I want for mine, too.”


“To leave, what did I invest all this time for just to leave, you know?” Lillard continued. “If I go play with three other stars, I don’t think that many people would doubt that I could win it. We would win it, but what is the challenge or the fun in that?”

Lillard has shown his loyalty to the Trail Blazers by signing a super-max extension that has him locked in through 2025.

It’s natural for Trail Blazers fans to worry about their star leaving a small-market organization. Of course, that has happened before.

Yet, Lillard is not only saying he wants to stay in Portland, but he is saying he wants to be the guy who embodies the city and is here to bring a championship back to Portland. 

“I wanna be the one, the star that wants to be here,” Lillard said. “I wanna be the one that embodies all of those things and then be a part of the rise from ‘we haven’t won since ’77, and now we won, and Dame’s everything to our city.’”

As Rip City Radio 620 host Jay Allen begs the question again: Why don’t people just start believing Lillard?

The Blazers floor general has been saying this for years, he wants to stay in Rip City.

Often times, fans are eager to blurt out ‘actions are stronger than words.’

Which is why so many people have become vocal about not seeing Lillard splatter his social media accounts with offseason workouts.

Lest we forget that last September, in a response to someone on Twitter in which a fan called out Lillard for not being seen in any offseason workouts or pickup games, Lillard made a special video of an intense workout. The workout was comedic gold.

But here is the thing with Lillard:

Regular season actions are stronger than offseason workout videos.

It’s evident in his play.
Clearly, he’s getting the job done in the offseason.

Plus, as the 29-year-old pointed out this summer, a well-rounded player needs to have a good work-life balance.

Yes indeed, good morning NBA fans, wake up and smell the roses. Lillard has not given you a reason to question him.