Outsiders Blog: Which Blazers player would you want to go on vacation with?

Outsiders Blog: Which Blazers player would you want to go on vacation with?

Maurice Harkless and Evan Turner were on social media just a few days ago heading to Spain together, which got me thinking, which Blazers player would you want to go on vacation with?

Thanks to our research team here at NBC Sports Northwest, we put together the perfect travel brochure to pair your perfect vacation with your perfect Trail Blazers travel companion. 

Damian Lillard: Whether it's the recording studio or the boxing ring, Lillard loves to try new things. He's also a family man with an old soul. A Damian Lillard vacation is all about family and trying new things. Load up the car, hit the road, and go wherever the vacation takes you. Want to see the Grand Canyon? Done. Want to skydive? Done. Anything that looks fun that the whole family will enjoy, Lillard will help you find it.

CJ McCollum: Want to take a vacation to wine country? Then CJ McCollum is your guy. McCollum is a wine connoisseur, so be ready to sit on the deck of the world's greatest vineyards, sipping on 20-year-old Pinots and watching the sunset over the vines. Remember, when in doubt, pinky out. 

Harkless and Turner: These two were already spotted on a plane to Spain, so you know where this vacation is taking you, at least to start. Did someone say road trip!? Start in Sprain, hit France, drive over to Italy, no big deal. At this point you are only a stone's throw away from Bosnia, so stop and pick up Jusuf Nurkic and keep the train rolling. Who turns this trip down? If nothing else, thanks to ET your Instagram story would be untouchable. 

Meyers Leonard: No need to pack a lot of luggage cause no shirts will be worn on this vacation. However, board shorts and Pit Vipers are mandatory. Hope you like beach volleyball, cause there will be a lot of it on this trip as you show off the summer bod on SoCal. Once the sun goes down, you have two choices - beach bonfire for Fortnite. Both winners. Where's the Coors Lights at?

Jake Layman: Jake Layman is the king of comfort, often showing up to the arena in his sweat suit. This means he is probably also the king of the staycation. If never changing out of pajamas is your thing, give Layman a call. 

Anfernee Simons, Gary Trent Jr, and Zach Collins: Simons spends his summers in Florida, so hitch a ride with him, Trent, and Collins and let their youth show you the way in the undefeated Miami nightlight. Not into the club scene that's ok. Florida also has Disney World, so there is no way this vacation goes wrong. 

Terry Stotts: If your vacations center around sitting on a beach, wearing flip flops, straw hats, and having a white strip of sunscreen across your nose... then you are vacationing in sunny Hawaii with your guy Terry Stotts.

Al-Farouq Aminu, Rodney Hood, Seth Curry, Enes Kanter: Unfortunately, these guys may not have vacation time. They are all unrestricted free agents, so they might be spending their free time scouting new places to call home. That doesn't mean they leaving Portland though. Maybe they are all re-signing here so they're hitting up the real estate market to find their new abode. Either way, they have busy summers ahead and have no time to vacation. But if they did...

- Aminu is a best friend type. He just happy to be along for the ride. He's going wherever the heck you want to go.

- Hood hasn't had time to explore Oregon, and now that he does it's going to see Mt. Hood and explore the Mt. Hood National Forest. Hood hikes Hood is ready-made for vacation photos on social media

- Kanter is the old-fashioned American road trip. The best part is there isn't a city around that doesn't love this guy, so you will have plenty of friends to room with, saving you a lot of money on hotels

- Curry is going home to Charlotte. So as long as you don't mind sleeping in the spare room of your friend's parent's house, vacation with Seth. Mom will take good care of you and breakfast will be fresh every morning. 

Time to jump online and start looking for airplane tickets.

The Scoop: Is this the year CJ McCollum becomes an All-Star?

USA Today Images

The Scoop: Is this the year CJ McCollum becomes an All-Star?

The latest Scoop livestream is brought you by Toyota of Portland.

This week on The Scoop, our Trail Blazers reporter Jamie Hudson and host of ‘The Bridge’ Justin Meyers take you around the NBA, and get you caught up on all things Trail Blazers as we get closer and closer to training camp!

Of course, with the NBA releasing the 2019-20 regular season schedules earlier this week that means it’s time to look ahead! The Blazers tip-off the regular season at home against the Denver Nuggets on October 23rd and all of Rip City is counting down…

Here’s a quick rundown of Thursday’s show:

Jamie and Justin find out Trail Blazers fans initial thoughts on this year’s regular season schedule. Also, they discuss the Blazers 50th anniversary court unveiling that happened earlier this week. 

Plus, the two debate --

Will CJ McCollum make the All-Star team this year?

In 2016, McCollum singed his first $100 million dollar contract. At that point, he was the fourth non-All-Star to have signed that large of a contract.

But, is this the season for CJ?

Of course, being an All-Star depends a lot on your team’s success. The Blazers are coming off a season in which they made it to the Western Conference Finals and McCollum showcased his consistency throughout that postseason run.

Injuries to other stellar backcourt players could also help McCollum on receiving his first All-Star nod this season.

Watch the FULL EPISODE of The Scoop right here:

Summer Scoop

Is this the year CJ McCollum becomes an All-Star? Let’s discuss! The Scoop brought to you by Toyota of Portland starts now 😎

Posted by NBC Sports Northwest on Thursday, August 15, 2019

The offseason work doesn’t stop for Anthony Tolliver

The offseason work doesn’t stop for Anthony Tolliver

On July 1, 2019, the Trail Blazers signed free agent Anthony Tolliver on a one-year, $2.6 million dollar deal. Tolliver provides depth at the power forward position, which was a bit thin heading into this upcoming season. 

Looks like he is eager to begin his journey in a Trail Blazers jersey. Tolliver posted a highlight video to his personal instagram account from a run the other day:

Tolliver is hitting from all over the court: taking his man down the baseline, smooth step backs, three-pointers. This was a great pickup for the Portland Trail Blazers. The 34-year-old shows leadership, experience and skill in this short 55 second highlight clip.

In his introductory press conference, Tolliver said to the media, “I was really looking for an opportunity to go to a team where I was valued and wanted. They made that very clear. I haven’t had free agency go this quickly in my entire career. But I couldn’t really pass up the opportunity to play for a contender and play with guys like Dame and CJ and there are a lot of great players on this team… And also, kind of watching the playoffs last year, how they got double-teamed a lot and that’s literally how guys like myself can excel.”

We are just 69 days out from the debut of Tolliver and the Portland Trail Blazers’ season-opener at home vs. the Denver Nuggets. 

You can view the full Trail Blazers 2019-2020 season here.

How the DeMarcus Cousins injury affects the Trail Blazers' chances in the Western Conference

How the DeMarcus Cousins injury affects the Trail Blazers' chances in the Western Conference

News broke today that newly acquired Lakers big man, DeMarcus Cousins, tore his ACL in a workout in Las Vegas.

Video of the injury has been acquired by TMZ:

This is just another in a string of terrible injuries Cousins has suffered in a short time span:

The league, and certainly LeBron James and the Lakers, will not be the same without Cousins in the mix. In a revamped West, any injury has a ripple effect across the Conference where just a few wins can mean the difference between home court advantage, the right match-up or a deep playoff run. 

The Blazers are scheduled to take on the Lakers 3 times this season. The first coming on Friday, December 6th at Moda Center. Another home game follows on Saturday, December 28th and finally a single road game at Staples Center on Friday, January 31st. Yes, they still have LeBron and Anthony Davis, but the loss of Cousins shouldn't be overlooked. Prior to the Cousins injury, the Lakers were sitting at about 4 to 1 to win the NBA Title making them one of the Top 3 teams along with the Clippers and Bucks. The Blazers come in at around 33 to 1 depending on where you pull the odds from. 

In the end, the Lakers odds in the West probably won't significantly change because of this. It makes three games on the Trail Blazers schedule just a little bit easier and with two games vs. LA being at home a chance to take the season series is certainly possible. It will make life for the Blazers front court in Hassan Whiteside, Zach Collins, and Pau Gasol a little bit more manageable in those games vs. LA, as they will already have their hands full with Davis.

All that said, the Trail Blazers are still projected at about a #7 seed, but we know how Damian Lillard and company like to prove people wrong.

You can check out the entire Trail Blazers schedule here. 

It’s Jerseyyyyy Tiiiiiiime with DJ Pauly D

It’s Jerseyyyyy Tiiiiiiime with DJ Pauly D

Star of the hit MTV show Jersey Shore, DJ Pauly D was caught sporting a Portland Trail Blazers jersey on his personal Instagram account…

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by DJ Pauly D (@djpaulyd) on

Known for not just his music but his iconic sayings on Jersey Shore “It’s t shirt time!”, “Cabs are here!”, and "GTL: Gym, Tan, Laundry", DJ Pauly D is quite the sports fan. He can also be seen sporting other NBA jerseys: Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, New York Knicks, L.A. Lakers as well as NFL’s Patrick Mahomes and Beast Mode when he performs his music. 

Add the Portland Trail Blazers to that list.

Will we eventually see DJ Pauly D at Moda Center? One can only hope so.

2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers one of six legendary teams coming to NBA2K20

2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers one of six legendary teams coming to NBA2K20

The 2009-10 Portland Trail Blazers squad was epic.

Steve Blake, Andre Miller and Jerryd Bayless ran the point. “The Natural” started at shooting guard with Rudy Fernandez coming off the bench. Nicolas Batum and Travis Outlaw checked in at small forward. A young LaMarcus Aldridge started at power forward with Dante Cunningham coming off the bench. And there was former No. 1 pick Greg Oden and the Gorilla “Joel” Pryzbilla at center.

This team was supposed to start the initial process of turning back the clock to 1977. But as all Trail Blazers fans now know, the roster didn’t stay that way.

Oden went down with a season-ending knee injury on the Rose Garden hardwood, Rudy Fernandez later went under the knife and Joel Pryzbilla ruptured his right patella tendon and missed the remainder of the season.

When all odds were stacked against Portland, the Trail Blazers battled through the cold, hard winter into the first round of the playoffs, where the short-handed Blazers lost to the Suns in six games. The Trail Blazers didn't have the success they had outlined for the season, but their resilency is why they will go down as one of the most memorable teams in NBA history. 

NBA2K announced Tuesday that six legendary teams would be coming to NBA2K20 and the Trail Blazers 2009-10 squad has made the list.

Gamers will get to re-live B-Roy's explosive play that earned him All-Star honors, LA's fourth year in a Trail Blazers uniform and Oden at full health. NBA2K20 will be released on September 6. 

BlazerDancers announce 2019-2020 team

Trail Blazers

BlazerDancers announce 2019-2020 team

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019-2020 BlazerDancers. 

After weeks of tryouts and multiple rounds of cuts, the team finally was finally able to decide who had what it takes to be a member of the BlazerDancers.

On Tuesday the team announced the 17 lucky individuals who will make up this season's squad.

Back on June 28th dozens of ladies showed up to PCC Sylvania for the first round of tryouts. During that day of dancing our Jamie Hudson was able to catch up with two of the girls aspiring to make the team. BlazerDancers veteran Ericka and rookie hopeful Malia. Both ladies were announced as members of the team on Tuesday and in the video below you can see part of their journey and understand what it takes to become a BlazerDancer.

After multiple rounds of cuts, 39 of those dancers were announced as the finalists. Those finalists met at Winningstad Theatre on August 4th for one final round of dancing and a chance to impress the judges. Two of the dancers that day, Sabri and Taylor, were coming off their rookie seasons as BlazerDancers and trying to make the squad again. Taylor made the cut and will return for her second season on the team. Unfortunately, Sabri didn't make the final list.  Jamie Hudson had a chance to talk to both of them and their families that day. You can hear what they had to say about their experience in the video below.



Sneaker Week: Bringing Portland artists and Blazers fans together

Sneaker Week: Bringing Portland artists and Blazers fans together

As the Trail Blazers begin to celebrate 50 years in the NBA, sneakerheads and local Portland artists are also celebrating.

The third annual ‘Sneaker Week PDX’ runs from August 10th through August 17th this year. Sneaker Week gatherings and workshops include the Portland Bridge Pedal, Brew and Shoes, Sneaker Fashion Show, and more.

This year, President of Sneaker Week, Herbert Beauclere, teamed up with the Trail Blazers for a very special event.

On Monday night, the Trail Blazers 50th anniversary court was revealed in the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.

The court unveiling also featured ‘Sneaker Week Blazers Shoecase’ as well as a competition between 50 local Portland artists designing sneakers live at the Coliseum.

Beauclere explained that, “sneaker Week PDX is a platform for the community to connect with the footwear industry... The community exists of sneaker enthusiasts, people that love footwear.”

[RELATED]: Rip City, it’s time to pause and reflect on the last 50 years

Being part of the Trail Blazers 50th anniversary court unveiling was “huge” for Beauclere and the local artists.

“A huge part of sneaker design is storytelling. So to be able to tell the story of five decades of excellence of, you know, hard work, of a great organization, it was good for us as a platform -- to share talent, to be able to make that connection between storytelling, sports, sneakers and community,” Beauclere said.

The ‘Sneaker Week Blazers Shoecase’ consisted of 10 pre-designed sneakers on display at the Coliseum. The designs represented all five decades of the Trail Blazers as an organization.   

As for the live competition on Monday, Trail Blazers fans in attendance voted on the first round of shoe designs. The field of 50 artists went down to 18. The finalists then moved on for a final round of design. ‘Quinn The Artist’ won the contest after a pane on industry experts voted on all the second round designs. 

“It’s super entertaining, everybody loves the competition, and it brings the best out of all the artists. I’m excited to see what they can do in such a short amount of time,” Beauclere said.

“To share the platform with the Blazers is almost the same as working at a brand,” Beauclere added. 

Seventh annual Rip City Rally tips off September 9th

Seventh annual Rip City Rally tips off September 9th

The Portland Trail Blazers announced on Tuesday the route for the Seventh Annual Rip City Rally.

The Rip City Rally mission is to “build healthier communities together across Oregon.”

This five-city journey across the state will start in Baker City on Monday, September 9th. 

A team of Trail Blazers and Moda ambassadors along with Moda staff will embark on the week-long rally to various cities and towns all across the state.

The visit in each city includes free family fun at the Rip City Fair.

Many Trail Blazers personalities will participate in the different legs of the rally, including Blazers TV Broadcasters Kevin Calabro and Lamar Hurd, along with Blazers Sideline Reporter Brooke Olzendam, Blaze the Trail Cat, the BlazerDancers, and more.

Here are the locations for the Rally route:

--- Baker City, September 9 – Main Street between Washington & Court

--- La Grande, September 10 – Adams Ave between 3rd & 4th

--- Hermiston, September 11 – Hermiston Community Center Parking Lot

--- The Dalles, September 12 – Cascade Square Parking Lot

--- Sandy, September 13 – Scales Ave between Proctor and Pioneer

Rip City, it’s time to pause and reflect on the last 50 years

Rip City, it’s time to pause and reflect on the last 50 years

For former Trail Blazer players, this 2019-20 season will be extra special.

But let’s be honest, it’s going to be extra special for all of Rip City, as the Portland Trail Blazers celebrate their 50th year in the NBA.

The celebration began on Monday. 

The Trail Blazers 50th anniversary court was revealed Monday night in the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. Portland will be playing on the nostalgic court every home game this season.

For Michael Holton, who wore a Trail Blazers uniform from 1986-1988, as well as Terry Porter, who was drafted by the Blazers in 1985, this unveiling of the special 50th Anniversary court in the Memorial Coliseum quickly brought back fond memories.

“To have the unveiling of the court here is significant in a lot of ways,” Holton reminisced. “There are so many Trail Blazer fan memories in this building that I think fans will connect with when the court is here… And then when the court transfers over to Moda [Center].”   

Portland will play its first preseason game this season in the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which currently hosts over 150 events per year, from concerts to WHL Portland Winterhawks games. The coliseum is now the oldest part of the Rose Quarter area after it was home to the Trail Blazers from 1970 to 1995.

“This brings back some great memories coming in here,” Porter said.

Porter continued, “It’s where my career really developed and came about, so it’s a pretty special building for me.”

This season will not only be about celebrating 50 years as a franchise in the NBA, but also about reflecting on the past five decades. 

“It’s historic and it’s significant,” Holton said. “I have enough life experience to know that when you reach certain milestones you’ve got to pause… You have to reflect. We get so preoccupied with looking forward and how good is the team going to be this year and what’s going to happen, that sometimes you have to pause, catch your breath and look back so that you have proper perspective.”

Yes, the 50th anniversary can bring about some Trail Blazers education.

“This is an opportunity for the more senior Blazer fans to share with the next generation… some of the history,” Holton said with a smile.

The Moda Center replaced the Coliseum as the home of the Blazers in 1995. The Moda Center will now be the host of a big celebration coinciding with the Blazers 2019-20 season.

Porter is excited to catch up with old teammates who will be making a trip to Rip City for the big milestone. 

“I’m looking forward to seeing them and just reminisce,” Porter said. “Talk about the old times and talk about the bus rides, and the losses and the wins, the coaches, and the practices where we had guys getting after each other a little bit.”