Real Recognize Real: Trail Blazers give credit to LeBron

Real Recognize Real: Trail Blazers give credit to LeBron

LOS ANGELES - It was a Wednesday night in Los Angeles where the Hollywood stars gathered to watch LeBron James and the Lakers host the Portland Trail Blazers at the Staples Center.

It was a nationally televised game.

It was a night that history could be made.

Those were all the ingredients LeBron needed to score the most points by a Laker since Kobe Bryant had scored 60 in his final game and for James to move up on the NBA’s All-Time scoring list.

And, the Blazers gave credit where credit was due after dropping Wednesday night’s game to the Lakers, 126-117.   

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts felt his team played a good enough game offensively, but they weren’t able to get over the hump after the Lakers outscored Portland, 33-22 in the second quarter. Coach Stotts was also quick to talk about King James’ overall game.  

“LeBron- it was a dominant performance. Nineteen shots for 44 points, you don’t see that very often, almost a triple-double,” Stotts said.

James tied Chamberlain on an and-1 runner with 3:55 remaining in the fourth quarter and passed him on the next free throw. He now has 31,425 points for his career.

LeBron led the Lakers with 44 points after making 13 of his 19 attempts from the floor. He was just one assist shy from his 75th triple-double of his career, finishing with nine assists and 10 rebounds.

Before the game tipped-off, James walked over to the far sideline to chat with Super Model Cindy Crawford and the Terminator himself Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’s a scene that you will only see in Los Angeles.

The Trail Blazers watched several scenes in which LeBron scored, but they also witnessed him finding his teammates.  And we can’t forget that Wednesday’s contest was the third meeting between these two teams and we are less than a month into the season, which means it was third matchup on LeBron for Al-Farouq Aminu. 

“When you’re trying to lock in on LeBron, he’s a great passer, it makes it difficult,” Aminu said.

Portland now goes to 10-4 on the season. In the loss, Damian Lillard scored 31 points and dished out 11 assists, while CJ McCollum finished with 23 points.

The Lakers All-Star small forward was not only dominating in the paint, but he also made 5-of-6 from three-point range and when King James his hitting threes like that it’s pretty much game over.

“It’s hard. Chief did a great job forcing him into some tough spots and then he started getting to the free throw line. Refs started calling Flagrants and stuff like that and that allowed him to shoot uncontested free throws,” McCollum said.

“When he’s making his threes and then putting his head down it’s hard,” Stotts said.      

And as the kids say these days, ‘real recognize real,' and that’s exactly what Jusuf Nurkic did postgame.

“LeBron carried them through the second quarter, the third quarter. When he’s making shots, outside shots, and threes it’s tough to handle,” Nurkic said.

Another celebrity in attendance was Adam Sandler and his 10-year-old daughter, Sunny. They both gave LeBon a big ovation when history was made with LeBron passing Chamberlin on the all-time scoring list.

For one of the younger Laker players, Lonzo Ball, King James’ performance was one that he had seen many times when he was Sunny Sandler’s age.

“I grew up watching him do that, so it was cool to be on the floor with him, just being out there. I didn’t know he had the numbers he had tonight, but obviously, he had a great game and the stats showed it in the end,” Ball said postgame.

For many young players across the league this quote from Lonzo Ball rings true, they grew up watching LeBron dominate.

And now even after 15 years in the league he continues to show the youngsters and now the celebrities how King James can still easily take over a game.

That Anfernee Simons confidence wasn’t always there

That Anfernee Simons confidence wasn’t always there

The Trail Blazers 24th pick of the 2018 NBA Draft is ready to become a household name.

And as Anfernee Simons enters his second season in the league, he has shown no fear in the preseason.

Simons has been looked at as a potential breakout star this upcoming season. Local media and Blazers fans have discussed on social media that this is a kid who plays with an unbelievable amount of confidence.

But for ‘Ant,’ it wasn’t always like that.

“I’ve honestly never been the most confident player,” Simons said after Saturday's practice.

It wasn’t until he was nearly 18 years old, which keep in mind, was just two years ago, that the quiet kid from Orlando, Florida really came into his own. 

“In the beginning of high school I wasn’t that confident in my game. I knew I could shoot the ball, but I wasn’t like thinking that I could do everything to where I could score the ball well until I probably got to be almost a senior [in high school].”

Simons also gives a lot of credit to his teammates and Blazers coaching staff in his newfound ability to have faith in himself.

“Last year against the older guys and being able to score against them, do different things against them, that kind of helped gain my confidence, Simons added. “And then the coaches saw that, and they were telling me to be aggressive and stuff like that, that gained my confidence as well.”

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Simons has had time to evaluate his preseason play and he feels overall the last few weeks went “pretty well.”

“It’s a learning process. So, I have to be able to learn on the fly and kind of get going quick. I think I’ll be all right when the season starts. I think I learned a lot from the preseason, being put in different situations,” Simons said.

Blazers head coach Terry Stotts was pleased with Simons in his new role of fully being inserted into the rotation, and with a few of the new additions during the preseason.

“You watch our games, I think – Anfernee, Mario [Hezonja], and Kent [Bazemore] I think they’ve all really assimilated well to what we’re doing,” Stotts said.

At the end of September, the Blazers exercised their third-year option on Simons and fourth-year option on Zach Collins to solidify their future in Portland.  

Simons took to his twitter account after the news broke, to show his appreciation.

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The relationship between Simons and Trail Blazers All-Star point guard Damian Lillard has been strong since Simons was drafted to Portland.  
Lillard was just voted the Best Leader in the league in the most recent GMs survey on, and it’s easy to see his leadership shine through in Simons.

Lillard’s current advice to Ant:  

“He just tells me to be who I am,” Simons said. “ He knows I can score the ball at a high level. He wants me to go out there and be aggressive at all times. Not just trying to shoot the ball, but creating for others as well.”

The second-year player admits it’s hard to ignore all the hype that’s been written and talked about in regards to his upcoming season.

“I’m on social media a lot and a lot of people tag me in stuff, so I see it. It’s good people notice my game and stuff, but I want to prove those people right, so I use that as motivation,” Simons said.

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Simons also realizes that he and Collins are going to be two key factors to this season’s success.

That’s why his bond with Collins is starting to grow even more this year.  

“We kind of have to gain a certain type of relationship and trust. We’ve got to push each other to be great, and also keep us leveled headed, and keep us calm throughout everything that’s going on around us, all the hype going around us,” Simons said.

There might still be question marks surrounding Simons’ game, but Blazer fans are sure ready to see all the hype come to fruition.

Pau Gasol won't be ready for Blazer opener, Hassan Whiteside says he'll play

Pau Gasol won't be ready for Blazer opener, Hassan Whiteside says he'll play

Players, coaches and fans are counting down the days before the Trail Blazers’ season opener Wednesday against the ever-present Denver Nuggets Wednesday night in Moda Center.

And there’s another countdown to think about, too. And that's how many Blazer centers are down for the count. We have known for months that Jusuf Nurkic would not be back with the team until sometime after the new year because of his broken leg.

Then Portland center Hassan Whiteside sprained his left ankle Thursday night in an exhibition game at Denver and was held out of contact at Saturday’s practice. He did go through shooting drills and Coach Terry Stotts said the team would be preparing for the opener as if Whiteside will be in the lineup, “But our preparation will be the same, with him or without him.”

Whiteside said Saturday he plans to play Wednesday.

That would be important because it appears veteran center Pau Gasol will not be available for the start of the regular season, as had been hoped.

There was originally thought there was a chance that the veteran center would be recovered from his surgery to repair a stress fracture in his left foot in time to play in the season-opener, but he said Saturday that likely would not happen.

“Better,” he said when asked about his condition. “It’s just the part of rehab when you ramp up the load, you’ve got to see how it reacts. And it takes some time to adjust to it. So, if you do too much, if you’re too excited, it’s kind of counter-productive. That’s a little bit what happened early on; It felt really good, very excited about it and now we’re taking it a little slower.”

So, it’s safe to say you won’t be ready opening night?

“That’s a very safe statement” Gasol said. “It’s a process. It’s going to take -- not a little longer than we thought -- it’s just not going to be as short or quick as we thought we could do it.

“I’m trying to make sure when I do get back, I’m there for good.”

Stotts said Gasol’s absence won’t be so critical since the team played without him throughout the exhibition season.

“It doesn’t affect us much because we haven’t had him,” said the Portland coach. “It would probably have been different had he played in the preseason and then not have him available. Basically, since he’s been out of commission, it really hasn’t affected us. The better question is when he comes back. Then things will have to change.”
The Trail Blazers and Nuggets met for seven games in the playoffs last season and then played each other twice in the preseason. Neither team would have wished for those head-to-head exhibition games this season, but the preseason schedule is made up many months prior to the regular-season schedule. And obviously that counting schedule is made without regard for the preseason slate.

For Denver, whose season ended with the playoff loss to Portland, this will be the 10th time in its last 12 games it has played the Trail Blazers.


Despite tweaking his ankle twice in preseason, Hassan Whiteside says he'll be ready to play opening night

Despite tweaking his ankle twice in preseason, Hassan Whiteside says he'll be ready to play opening night

Not only has Trail Blazers center Hassan Whiteside been adjusting to a new team and new life in Portland, but he has also been dealing with a tweaked left ankle.

An ankle injury that Whiteside suffered on two different occasions during the preseason.

The 7-footer did not go through all of practice on Saturday, but he isn't too concerned about his left ankle.

Whiteside seemed to finally be finding his groove in Utah on Wednesday night with the Blazers beating the Jazz in Portland’s fourth preseason game.

Unfortunately for Whiteside, he tweaked the left ankle yet again.

Nearing the 8:45 mark of the third quarter, Whiteside appeared to roll his left ankle while securing a rebound.

The first time he suffered the ankle injury was early on in training camp, during practice when he came down on Zach Collins’ foot after the two were battling for a rebound.

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The ankle tweak in Utah was not as bad as the first one.

After Blazers practice on Saturday, Whiteside did not seem worried about his injury, saying the ankle, “Is good, man. I just didn’t do contact today, but tomorrow we’ve got optional [practice], so I’ll come in and get some more work [in].”

“It’s not as bad as last time,” Whiteside added.

Whiteside was confident in saying that he will “for sure” be able to play on opening night against Denver.

The plan is for Whiteside to participate in all of Monday’s practice including all of the contact drills.

The Blazers big man feels fortunate that he still has a plenty of time to get his wind back and feel completely acclimated.

“It affects me, because I’m missing time. Getting in cardio, getting in game shape, getting that chemistry out there, but it’s a long season,” Whiteside said.

Whiteside added that he feels comfortable with the Blazers sets and has been studying them on his phone and the team’s iPads.

The Trail Blazers now have three days before the regular season tips off with the Denver Nuggets in town. Meaning, Whiteside has three days to get that ankle feeling right before he battles Nikola Jokic. 

Anthony Tolliver slots right in to what the Blazers have been doing on offense for years

Anthony Tolliver slots right in to what the Blazers have been doing on offense for years

Anthony Tolliver has been a Portland Trail Blazer before, albeit very briefly. He's now one of the oldest players on the team at age 34, and he brings shooting at the power forward position. Up until last season, Tolliver has been a pretty reasonable contributor at a low rate. So what will he offer Portland this year, and should we be afraid of his age?

That's the real question both Blazers fans and the coaching staff will try to answer early in the season. With Al-Farouq Aminu gone, the theory behind the front court rotation has changed along with all the new faces. It will help that Tolliver has been an almost exclusively 3-point shooting big man in recent memory. In fact, in the past eight seasons, Tolliver has shot 50% or more of his field goal attempts as 3-pointers. That's sort of ahead of the curve, and it's made him valuable well into his 30s.

One thing I did notice while watching tape of Tolliver — mostly from two years ago when he was better utilized in Detroit — was just how much the Pistons put him into Horns sets that are similar to what he’ll experience with the Blazers. 

Check out the full video above to see some of the sets the Pistons ran that are similar to what Portland does, and to see what else the Blazers can use from the sharpshooting forward.

NBA GMs Survey: Where Damian Lillard ranks among best leaders in the league

NBA GMs Survey: Where Damian Lillard ranks among best leaders in the league

General managers around the league have voiced their opinions on the upcoming NBA season.

In the 18th annual GM Survey, the GMs responded to 50 different questions in regards to the best teams, players, coaches, fans, and offseason moves.


The floor general is often the teams’ leader, but for Trail Blazers All-Star point guard Damian Lillard his leadership goes far beyond running the team on the court.

Talk with anyone in the Blazers organization or close to the team, Lillard is a type of captain who leads by example, and who has earned the respect of his teammates from the top of the roster to the bottom.

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GMs have noticed Lillard’s leadership qualities and they are speaking out about it.

Lillard received the most votes for best leader with a whopping 41 percent, ahead of Stephen Curry (37 percent) and LeBron James (15 percent).

And, what a difference a year makes.

Last year, Lillard received 7 percent of the votes to LeBron James’ 30 percent.

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NBA GMs Survey: Where Moda Center ranks among best home-court advantage

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NBA GMs Survey: Where Coach Stotts ranks among coaches running best offense

NBA GMs Survey: Where Coach Stotts ranks among coaches running best offense

NBA GMs Survey: Where Coach Stotts ranks among coaches running best offense

General managers around the league have voiced their opinions on the upcoming NBA season.

In the 18th annual GM Survey, the GMs responded to 50 different questions in regards to the best teams, players, coaches, fans, and offseason moves.


Blazers head coach Terry Stotts has always been looked at as a great offensive mind of every coaching staff he has been on over the years.  

Learning from his early days with the Seattle SuperSonics under head coach George Karl to his days in Dallas with coach Rick Carlisle, Stotts gets the best offense out of his team.

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Whether it’s an out of bounds play or the way the Blazers run their motion offense, Stotts is being recognized by general managers around the league as a great offensive coach.

Stotts comes in tied for second place on the list with 14 percent of the votes. Bucks head coach Mike Budenholzer and Rockets head coach Mike D'Antoni also received 14 percent of the votes behind Warriors head coach Steve Kerr.

Stotts is 352-249 in his seven seasons at the helm in Portland.

More on the Blazers in the GM surveys:

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Check back here later for more GM analysis on the Blazers.

Jannero Pargo's perspective: The coach every player can relate to

Jannero Pargo's perspective: The coach every player can relate to

Trail Blazers practice had just wrapped up for the day.

In the far left corner of the gym stood a smiling Jaylen Hoard after he just finished draining a three-pointer from the right wing.

Before Hoard could do a victory dance, Portland’s assistant coach Jannero Pargo was seen on the floor… Doing push-ups. 

“There was a bet, and unfortunately I lost. I want to keep these guys confident. I don’t want to take too much from them,” Pargo said with a smile.

That sense of humor isn’t the only thing that has helped Pargo land his first NBA coaching job.

The newest addition to Portland’s coaching staff is giving the Blazers a fresh perspective.

When Portland lost assistant David Vanterpool to the Minnesota Timberwolves to be their associate head coach, Pargo was brought in two weeks later.

Vatnerpool was known as a players’ coach. He also had a very well known, special bond with Blazers guards Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum.


Filling DV’s role was no easy task.

Pargo’s ‘reliability’ though has become a building block in how he has transitioned so well into his first NBA assistant role.

Lillard compared Pargo to a former Trail Blazer guard who was also a coaching intern for the Blazers in 2017.    

“I think [Pargo] brings something different then what we’ve had in a long time,” Lillard said. “It’s kind of like what we had in Steve Blake, but Steve Blake wasn’t in the same position that he’s in… In the way that he’s like a veteran NBA point guard. So, he’s sharing things with us as guards and with the team that you’re hearing from an NBA player.”

“Just different parts of the game that you’ve just got to be an NBA player to understand,” Lillard added. “Like some things happen in practice where the coaches will break it down to us one way when we make a mistake, and with him he’s like ‘I know sometimes your man is over here and it’s hard to get to get to this spot, but,’ so he’s telling us from a perspective that we’ll understand a little bit more and be a little bit more receptive to him because he’s coming from our position.”

Blazer rookie Nassir Little echoed Lillard’s sentiment.

“What I like about him is he brings a lot of reliability,” Little said of Pargo. “He’s a guy that is still able to come out here and play like he’s a 20-year-old, which is really crazy. With him, he understands the game from a player’s perspective and that allows him to give us some good insight that we can put into our games immediately to help us right away.”

Just two years removed from his NBA playing days, Pargo realizes how crucial his 11 years of experience in the league is currently helping him be a better coach.

“A lot of players look at guys like, you know, they’re trying to tell them what to do,” Pargo said. “And… The first thing they’re thinking in their head is -- ‘where did you play at?’ For me, I can say I played 11 years in this league, and you know, I was able to do some things. So, when I say something they respect it and they kind of take it to heart and that’s a good thing to have.”

Lillard even went as far to say Pargo has similar qualities to Vanterpool.

“It’s energy, it’s fresh. It’s kind of like how DV was for us…. A mixture of Steve Blake and DV. It’s that type of impact for us,” Lillard said.


After being in Portland for just a few months, Pargo has made a big impact on the players as well as Blazers head coach Terry Stotts.

“He came recommended,” Stotts said. “Unsolicited recommendations, from coaches [and] GMs in the league and when I hired him, a couple of other coaches out of the blue texted me and said he’s one of their favorites. So, I was very happy with the hire.”

Stotts knew how important it was to fill Vanterpool’s role, saying that Pargo, “played for a lot of different coaches, a lot of different systems. He’s seen it all… When we lost David, he kind of had that perspective and so we wanted to replace that.”

Not only was it Pargo’s experience in the league that caught Stotts’ attention, but it was also Pargo’s time spent coaching in the G-League that was also significant to Stotts.  

“[We] didn’t really have a connection with him other than, I mean, I had never met him, obviously… But the fact that he spent two years in the G-League meant a lot to me. Every coach on our staff has spent time in the minor leagues and that’s important,” Stotts said.

Pargo took a lot away from his two years on the coaching staff for the Windy City Bulls.

“It was a great experience. It helped prepare me for this journey right here. Just learning and getting better as a coach, trying to think more like a coach than a player,” Pargo said.


Over the summer, Pargo was at the Blazers practice facility working with the young Blazer squad.

Little appreciates that Pargo is still able to get out on the court and ball.

“In the summer we used to play one-on-one, and all that type of stuff. He’s super quick. That helps guys like me with our lateral quickness on defense and stuff like that. It allows me to be a better player,” Little said.    

It’s apparent by watching Pargo shooting jumpers after Blazer practices that he can still play, but he knows he can’t ball every day.

“A lot of guys have been giving me a lot of flack, because I think I can still play,” Pargo said with a big smile.

The 39-year-old then joked, “I can play one day, but how I feel the next day is the problem.”

Lillard knew that Pargo could still hoop the first time he saw him on the court.

“The first day I came back in September he was giving them fits. I mean, he can still play,” Lillard said.


Just because Pargo played point guard, doesn’t mean he isn’t here to share his words of wisdom to every single player on the roster.

“Every guard thinks he’s a big man,” Pargo said. “We all wish we were 6’11''. So we kind of have post moves and stuff like that. I just try to teach the bigs stuff from a guard's point of view to give these guys a little edge when they may have a small on them.”

Overall, Pargo wants to bring a player-coach opinion, which has already earned him respect from the team.

“Just be a voice to the team. They get tired of hearing Terry so much,” Pargo said with a chuckle. “You’ve got to have guys who can rely the message, just with a different voice.”

It’s probably safe to say that just as the Blazers themselves welcomed Pargo with open arms to the coaching staff, Blazer fans would too welcome anyone who has been compared to Steve Blake and David Vanterpool.

The inside story of Dame D.O.L.L.A.'s “Money Ball” music video -- in his own words

The inside story of Dame D.O.L.L.A.'s “Money Ball” music video -- in his own words

Damian Lillard’s – aka “Dame D.O.L.L.A. -- “Money Ball” on his latest album has brought him a lot of attention and is apparently getting a lot of streams. And the music video, released Thursday, will take it up another notch.

“Money Ball” is much more of a conventional rap song than most of Lillard’s previous work and the video reaches, for the squeaky clean Lillard, the “edgy” level.

He admits that and explains the reasoning behind the song and the video, which depicts Lillard (and backcourt mate CJ McCollum in a cameo) throwing dollar bills around. There’s also a stripper pole and scenes from a club and you may even hear a word or two that you haven’t heard in his songs previously.

It’s another genre and perhaps a risk for him.

But listen to him tell the story.

Countdown to Tip-Off: Blazers grab lucky number 13 against the Spurs


Countdown to Tip-Off: Blazers grab lucky number 13 against the Spurs

We're counting down the days until the Portland Trail Blazers open up the 2019-2020 NBA season by looking back at each of the victories in the 18-game home-opener win streak. Here is a look at what happened back in 2013 when the Portland Trail Blazers faced the San Antonio Spurs in the home-opener.

Can’t remember what the NBA was like in 2013? Let’s paint the picture:

  • LeBron James was the reigning MVP,
  • Carmelo Anthony was the league's leading scorer
  • The Miami Heat were the defending champions
  • Damian Lillard had just won Rookie of the Year
  • Anthony Bennett was the No.1 overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft.
  • The Blazers had the No.10 pick and drafted CJ McCollum.
  • The New Orleans Hornets officially became the New Orleans Pelicans 
  • The Charlotte Bobcats officially announced intent to change back to the Charlotte Hornets.
  • The Rose Garden changed its name to the Moda Center 


As for the Blazers home opener...

The Blazers opened up their home schedule of the 2013 season by welcoming the San Antonio Spurs. The game was close from start to finish, but Portland still controlled most of the way. Portland led for 42:42 of the game, taking the 12-10 lead with 5:43 left in the first quarter and never trailing again. Thanks in large part to a Nic Batum triple-double, the Blazers pulled off the 115-105 victory. 

Notable stats: 

San Antonio -

Tim Duncan – 24 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist

Tony Parker– 17 points, 5 rebounds, 9 assist

Manu Ginobili– 11points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists

Kawhi Leonard - 9 points, 2 steals, 1 rebound, 1 assist

Portland –

LaMarcus Aldridge – 24 points, 7 rebounds, 4 assists

Damian Lillard – 27 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists

Nic Batum– 11 points, 12 rebounds, 11 assists

Wesley Matthews– 20 points, 3 rebounds, 2 assists

The Blazers would finish the season 54-28, good for the fifth-best record in the Western Conference and a trip to the postseason for the first time since 2011. Portland would face Houston in the first round of the playoffs, and thanks to Damian Lillard's now famous 0.9 shot would advance to the second round for the first time since 2000. The Spurs would eliminate the Blazers 4-1 and go on to win the championship.