Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

The NBA world was rocked to its core on Wednesday when it was announced that Jazz star Rudy Gobert had tested positive for the Coronavirus. 

The Utah - Oklahoma city game was promptly canceled, and shortly thereafter came the news that no one expected to hear: The NBA would be suspending its entire season.  

With the news came the obvious question: When, if ever, will the season resume?

According to reports around the league, it could be awhile. 

Brian Windhorst of ESPN has reported that the stoppage could be at least two weeks, but will likely be much longer.

"The regular-season stoppage will be at least two weeks so all players affected can go through quarantine and, one hopes, be cleared of the virus. In reality, it probably will be longer. By comparison, when the virus broke out in China, the Chinese Basketball Association suspended play in late January. The CBA is in the process of resuming play in early April, roughly a 10-week layoff"

While Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times, via Justin Russo, says play may not resume for at least a month.

Bruce Arthur of the Toronto Star is also reported the NBA has told teams the stoppage will be 30 days, minimum. 


If we are looking at a 2-10 week stoppage, the next logical question is, does the NBA even continue this season at all?

If Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is to be believed, the season will "absolutely" continue at some point. 

Cuban was on ESPN's Get Up on Thursday where he told host Rachel Nichols he expects the season to resume, with play continuing into July and maybe even August. 

When the time does come for the league to start back up, it may be without fans in the arenas.

Wednesday evening Oregon governor Kate Brown officially banned "gatherings over 250 people will be canceled statewide effective immediately for four weeks."

The NBA could find itself in a spot where the league is ready to continue, but local governments are still forcing quarantines. 

The league debated for days if they should postpone play or continue in empty stadiums. 

Now, they may be forced to do both.