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Scoop Podcast: Jake Layman is blessed with great hair and he knows it

Portland Trail Blazers

This week's Trail Blazers guest hails from Massachusetts and is proud of it! It's time to welcome Jake Layman to The Scoop Podcast.

We start off with a story about a very serious “headband” competition between Layman, Pat Connaughton and assistant coach Jim Moran that took place during Layman’s rookie season. 

And, we all know that Layman always means business on the court, but did you know that Jake’s mom was the biggest basketball influence in his life?

Jake's dad tried to get Jake and his four brothers (I repeat four brothers) to play baseball.

But let’s just say Jake's Mom ended up winning that battle.

We also find out more about the special relationship between Layman and former Trail Blazer Steve Blake. Apparently, they both like to daydream about what it would’ve been like to be teammates at Maryland back in the day and what they could’ve accomplished!  

Plus, what was it like during Layman’s NBA debut against the Warriors where he scored 17 points in under eight minutes of play?

Layman cracked a smile on the podcast and joked:

“I was thinking about retiring after that game. You gotta retire on top!”

Another fantastic Layman quote from the podcast: “I’ve been blessed with great hair.”

So, at least Jake is thankful for his flowing locks.

We also to get to the bottom of the proposal story.  People gave Jake a hard time for it “being too simple” in regards to how he asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him.


You be the judge.  

And, what is Layman’s favorite TV show?

What about his least favorite candy bars?

Also, what was the experience like playing for the under-18 US National team with Julius Randle, Marcus Smart, and Sam Decker?

All of those questions are answered along with so much more on this Scoop Podcast with Jake Layman. Listen to the jam-packed podcast below.