Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

In his latest podcast, Tom Haberstroh says the Trail Blazers need work on setting on-ball screens in their offense and asks special guest, and Talkin' Blazers podcast host, Channing Frye to walk him through setting a good screen as a big man.

Here is Frye's response, which turns the conversation to Hassan Whiteside's roll on the offensive end:

"I think it's all about angles. For me, I was more of a pick and pop guy but when I did roll you have to make the defender on the guard go over the top of that screen to create space. Me personally, I just think Whiteside…I think he can give you a double-double every game, in that being said, I don’t think he impacts the game as much as he should if he had more of a motor… I just don’t know if those double-doubles equate to wins..."

Frye continues his thoughts on Whiteside and asks some important questions about his effort and productivity:

Is he going to have energy on defense? Or is he just going to be big?... Does he set a screen or is he just rolling a little bit? Is he rolling hard to get the ball even though he knows he’s not going to get it? Is he creating opportunities for his teammates? Or is he just doing it because that’s the play?

Trail Blazer fans cannot overlook the importance of Whiteside's play this season, especially with the recent loss of Zach Collins. Whiteside was clearly brought in to buy time until Jusuf Nurkic returns at some to be determined point in 2020. In the interim, Whiteside needs to contribute at both ends and needs to be a threat offensively (via ball screens or otherwise) as teams try to take Damian Lillard out of the offense, much like Toronto did on Wednseday night. 


You can listen to the entire Habershow Podcast below where they talk about a variety of topics including load management, Frye's NBA career, the best shooters he played with, the Blazers pick and roll and more: