Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

DALLAS – Trail Blazer starting power forward Zach Collins had the tough assignment of guarding Mavericks big man Kristaps Porzingis on Sunday night, but it was a battle for the rebound with Luka Doncic that forced Collins to leave the game with a left shoulder injury

Immediately after the Blazers come from behind victory, head coach Terry Stotts informed the media that Collins’ left shoulder injury was a dislocation.

There is no timetable yet on his return.

The 21-year-old will have an MRI on Monday.

The Blazers have already ruled Collins out for Monday’s game vs. the Spurs.

Collins left the game with 2:01 remaining in the third quarter after he came down with his arm tangled up with Doncic. He instantly put his right hand over his left shoulder. 

“It’s a weird feeling, didn’t really hurt. It’s just you know something is wrong. Your shoulder is not where it's supposed to be,” Collin said postgame.

The Blazers big man said it was a play that he shouldn’t have made as he was whistled for the foul.

“I had my hand on, I think it was Doncic’s shoulder, and I shouldn’t have done it, I mean, period – it’s over the back, but he jumped up and just jumped back, and my arm was still on his shoulder and it just went back the other way,” Collins said.


After the play, Collins walked straight to the Trail Blazer bench where he was met by head athletic trainer Geoff Clark. The two immediately walked back to the locker room.

The Blazers' training staff told Collins that because his shoulder popped back in ‘so cleanly’ that's a really good sign.
This is the first time Collins has ever dislocated a shoulder. He was worried about what it was going to feel like to pop it back into place.

“I thought it was going to be painful, but it was like, so easy, and it didn’t hurt at all… I thought it was gonna be quick and it was real smooth, and I just felt it going back and in, and I was like, ‘that was it?’ So, luckily it didn’t hurt too bad,” Collins said.

After having x-rays done on his shoulder at the arena, Collins stayed in the locker room to watch his team complete the comeback.

Collins said this was nothing new. He has witnessed this team make many comebacks over the last couple of seasons.

“It just shows a lot of heart, and a lot of toughness, things I already knew we had,” Collins said.