Portland Trail Blazers

You ready for a little extra hot sauce? Nik Stauskas joins The Scoop Podcast

Portland Trail Blazers

This week's Trail Blazers guest is the one and only Sauce Castillo.

Yes, Nik Stauskas drops by the podcast and I found out how he learned about his saucey nickname. Which by the way, he did not think would stick, but here we are five years after Sauce Castillo came about and we are all still enjoying it! 

And, this was alarming-- Nik told me that he was "coming for my job!" And, I believe it! He was a field reporter for the NBA All-Star game for Canada’s TSN network back in 2017 and since then they have asked him back to help with Raptors postseason broadcasts. Nik says it has been cool to see how he has improved on camera over the years. 

Plus, we find out what it is exactly about Coach Terry Stotts’ system that has been such a perfect fit for him.

Also, wait until you hear about how Nik played Vince Carter one-on-one when he was just nine years old… He says he "had a like Mike moment" and after hearing the story I can't believe he was able to stay so calm and collected. 


That and much more on The Scoop Podcast below.