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Zach Collins answering your Qs: Biggest bubble surprises, his pregame playlist & more

Portland Trail Blazers

It’s time to check in with our Bubble Insider Trail Blazers big man Zach Collins as he answers your questions from the bubble.  

This week in ‘Big Z’s Bubble,’ Collins talks everything from what the Blazers did well against Memphis to the biggest surprises living in the bubble to what he was listening to before Tuesday’s game against the Rockets and what he’s always working on when it comes to improving his game.

Yep, there’s a lot to get to on this third installment of ‘Big Z’s Bubble!’

Collins explained why he gave himself a ‘B’ when grading his performance from last Friday in Portland's win Memphis after Rip City Sam on Twitter asked – “How did it feel getting back on the court and how would you grade your performance?”

As for bubble life, it’s hard to believe that the Blazers have been in Orlando for almost a month now after arriving in the NBA bubble on July 9

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Caleb on Instagram wanted to know what has been the “most surprising part about the bubble so far?”


Collins gave props to the NBA with how well the setup feels and looks as far as the arenas and locker rooms go.

HOWEVER, there was one instance when the Blazers’ bathroom was nowhere near their locker room.

Trust me, you’ll want to hear Big Z tell the bathroom story and then realize how it really wasn’t that bad, but in the moment it was before and after the game!  

Plus, thanks to Scott on Facebook, we get Zach’s thoughts on what needs to happen in order for the Blazers to continue their success in the bubble and make the playoffs after Scott asked, “What do you think is the most important take-away from Friday's game vs. Memphis? Where can improvements be made to have the most success in these final games?”

Always having a sense of urgency is something the Blazers have discussed a lot over the first three seeding games.

And shout-out to Curly Girly on Instagram who wanted to know what songs are in Collins’ playlist before the game.

Tuesday’s pregame playlist consisted of a lot of rapper J. Cole.

Yep, Big Z prepared for the Rockets with some old and new J. Cole.

“I’m on a J. Cole binge right now,” Collins said. “I’ve been trying to listen to all of his old stuff because I hear his new stuff all the time.”

But, he added that his pregame music is “all over the place.”

A couple of other pregame favs for Big Z include:

  • 'Gangsta's Paradise' by Coolio
  • 'Hard to Forget' by Sam Hunt

Okay, yes, that's very all over the place, Zach and we love it!

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To wrap-up this week’s mailbag, we go back to a basketball question...

Brad on Instagram wanted to know: 

What’s one part of your game you’re always working on?

Simple answer: Big Z is always working on his shot.

“Just always be ready to knock down threes is important for this team. So, [I’m] always [working on] shooting.”

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Check out the third installment of ‘Big Z’s Bubble Life’ right here where he answers all of the above questions and takes you on a tour of the hotel’s “food station.”  

Also, don’t forget to continue to send in your questions for Zach. He’ll be answering the top questions on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram next week while the Blazers make a final push for the postseason.  

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