Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

When the door opened for the media to enter the gym at the Trail Blazer practice facility Monday, there was a surprise spectator watching practice on a sideline bench.

Zach Collins, fresh off his surgery last week to repair damage in his left labrum, was back.

He said he is feeling better and, as expected, his left arm was in a sling.

“They said I could probably take (the sling) off when I’m home, hopefully next week,” Collins said. “But if I’m out in public, I still have to wear it. The worst part is when I sleep. I always sleep on my side and for some reason, at night all that pain comes back. The last couple of nights were a lot better. I’ve been almost pain free.

“But when I sleep I have to have everything right,” he said. “Quiet and dark. I’ve been waking up about every hour.”

And for right now, the up-to-the-minute update on Collins’ condition is simply:

He’s working on sleeping on his back.