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Is Zach Collins getting enough respect from officials as a defender?

Portland Trail Blazers

Zach Collins is a bulldog on defense. He’s quick, aggressive and won’t back down from anyone.

He’s also only played in two NBA seasons, appearing in 143 games. 

In those 143 games, he is averaging 16.8 minutes on the court. So, to some officials, Collins’ aggressiveness is confused with recklessness. 

In a recent sit down interview with NBC Sports Trail Blazers reporter Jamie Hudson, Zach Collins discussed getting into foul trouble and how he may not have been getting the benefit of the doubt early in his career. 

“There was a couple of plays where I would come around and block a shot and the ref would come to me and apologize to me and would say, ‘Well, you were so far away from the play, we didn’t think you would be able to get there. So, it was a foul.’

Fouls at the rim, if I’m going up to block a shot, I can live with those. I’ll take six of those all day. It’s the little ticky-tak ones where I’m being a little lazy or I’m out of position — those are the ones I’ve got to correct.”

Collins, who has averaged 6.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and nearly one block a game in his second season with the Trail Blazers, is poised to start at power forward this upcoming season. It’s likely he’ll garner more respect from officials, who traditionally tighten up the game with players off the bench.    


“Maybe they’ll know me a little bit better and maybe they’ll know I could get there this time. So, I think that’ll all play into it.”  

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