Portland Trail Blazers

Portland Trail Blazers

There are so many different times during an NBA season that one can and will ponder, ‘but, what if…?’

The Trail Blazers 2019-20 season was full of the what ifs, and the first one dates back to Oct. 27th in the third game of the season when the Blazers visited the Dallas Mavericks.

A game in which many fans will remember as the game that Zach Collins got tangled up with Luka Doncic when they both went for a rebound and then Collins came down holding his dislocated left shoulder.  

After some deliberation with team doctors and his family, Collins and the Blazers both decided it was best for Collins to have shoulder surgery when looking at the long-term plan of the young 21-year-old's career.

Nov. 5th was the day that Collins had successful surgery to repair his left labrum. 

In the press release sent out about the Trail Blazers big man’s successful surgery, there was a note about how he would be re-evaluated in approximately four months.

And here we are -- the NBA is suspended for the time being as we all work together to flatten the COVID-19 curve.


Had the season not been interrupted by the coronavirus, the Trail Blazers would currently be on their final long road trip of the season; a six-gamer ending in Brooklyn.

When talking with Collins over the last month he said he was hopeful that he would make his return on this road trip.

Now with no road trip and no NBA in the near future, Collins took to his Instagram to do a Q&A with his IG followers.

Of course, people wanted to know how his shoulder rehab has been going and when he will be ready to play again.

The process has been long and annoying lol but it’s been good. I’ll be ready when the NBA is ready to come back. -- Trail Blazers big man Zach Collins

Collins also answered questions about what music he is listening to these days, and if he likes horror movies, which he said he does, but he was also asked about what he has learned from veteran Carmelo Anthony.

To that, Collins said, “I learn a lot from Melo, just watching his footwork, his patience, IQ. He’s talked to me about what he looks at when he watches film and I’ve tried to do the same when I watch.”

The Gonzaga alum has taken this season to work on his rehab, but also to look at the team from a different perspective while watching from the bench.

Plus, learning from Melo is such an added bonus. It’s going to be fun to see where Collins has grown the most in his game once he returns.

Now with the NBA aiming to start back up again in mid-June, Trail Blazers fans are not only eagerly awaiting the return of games, but the return of both Collins and Jusuf Nurkic.