Race In America with Keith Knight, creator of ‘Woke’


As the world continues to work towards change in regards to police brutality and systematic racism, NBC Sports is hosting raw discussions with athletes, politicians, musicians and influencers on the fight for racial equality in America in the Race In America series.

This week on Race In America, we’re joined by Keith Knight, a talented cartoonist and the creator of the television series, Woke.

Knight caught up with NBCS Bay Area’s Monte Poole to discuss a wide range of topics including his busy work life right now as a cartoonist in today's social climate, and how white people should have more ‘difficult conversations.’  

I just hope that these discussions -- not easy to have these -- the more you have them the easier they get… White people always say, ‘I’m just worried about saying the wrong thing.’ – You’ve been saying the wrong things for centuries… Listen to Black people. If you talk to a Black person 60 years or older you will learn more about Black history than you have learned in any school.

Keith Knight

Race In America with Keith Knight airs Friday night at 9:00pm PST on NBCSNW or be sure to check your local listings.