Russell Wilson emerges from his bye as clear MVP leader


We are six weeks into the NFL season and a collection of four quarterbacks have taken a stronghold over the MVP conversation. Below are the names on the list and where they rank at this juncture.

Off the radar:

-- Josh Allen, QB, Bills

Allen has underwhelmed two weeks in a row, both games resulting in Bills losses. His erratic accuracy and poor decision making that plagued him over his first two seasons has been on display during that two-game stretch. Allen’s staying power in this conversation was always iffy, but it doesn’t appear that he’s poised to challenge Wilson, Mahomes and the others. Not this year, anyway.

Name to monitor:

-- Lamar Jackson, QB, Ravens

Jackson and the Ravens continue to win, which is really the only reason why he’s sticking around on this list despite having just 12 touchdowns through six games. It would take a superhuman effort for Jackson to join the others at the top of this list, but we’ve seen that level of play from him before. The reigning MVP is worth keeping tabs on for that reason.

4. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers

Rodgers was lights out for the Packers first four games before laying an absolute egg against the Buccaneers in Week 6. He posted just 160 yards, no touchdowns and two interceptions in Green Bay’s 38-10 loss. That flop of a performance justifies his drop to No. 4 on this list. It’s likely to be a one-week blip, but he’s still got ground to make up nonetheless.  


3. Ryan Tannehill, QB, Titans

The Titans are legit contenders, and Tannehill is an equally bona fide MVP candidate. Derrick Henry’s greatness will undoubtedly hurt his case in some eyes. There are plenty of folks who believe Henry is more valuable to Tennessee than Tannehill. Those people are wrong, of course, as Tannehill's insertion into the starting lineup in 2019 sparked a massive turnaround in Nashville that has continued into this season.

Tannehill doesn’t yet have the touchdown numbers (14) to compete with Wilson (19) and both quarterbacks have played five games. However, as long as the Titans keep winning, he’ll continue to stick around as a dark horse in this race.

2. Patrick Mahomes, QB, Chiefs

This could easily be Tannehill, but Mahomes’ numbers from playing in a sixth game give him the slight edge. The Chiefs quarterback continues to produce, but not the video game-type numbers from him that we’re accustomed to. He’s had tremendous interception luck with only one pick on the season, but several more passes that could have resulted in turnovers. Still, he’s got 17 touchdowns to just one turnover on the season. He isn’t going anywhere in this discussion.

1. Russell Wilson, QB, Seahawks

I’m not sure anyone expected Wilson to benefit from the week off, but he did thanks to Rodgers’ stinker against the Bucs. Seattle’s quarterback now has a bit of wiggle room at the top of the MVP race for one subpar performance. Every other quarterback, bar Tannehill, has one so far.