4 teams Seahawks fans should be rooting for in Week 13


The Seahawks enjoyed a very productive Week 12. Not only did Seattle beat the Eagles and improve to 8-3, but they got plenty of help on the rest of the weekend’s slate. The 49ers beat the Rams, giving the Seahawks sole possession of first place in the NFC West, and the Patriots beat the Cardinals, putting Seattle two games ahead of Arizona.

There are four more games in Week 13 that could help Seattle’s playoff outlook. Here are the teams Seahawks fans should be rooting for this weekend.

1. Atlanta Falcons (vs. New Orleans Saints)

The Falcons just smoked the Raiders, 43-6, so you’d like to believe Atlanta has a non-zero percent chance of beating the Saints. New Orleans just beat the Falcons two weeks ago, 24-9, but maybe Atlanta will have more of an answer for Taysom Hill this time around.

The Saints are currently 9-2 and control their own destiny for the No. 1 seed in the NFC. One loss would give Seattle a chance to force a tiebreaker, but the Seahawks would much prefer New Orleans to drop two games down the stretch. The Chiefs should get them in Week 15, which would make an additional loss to the Falcons this weekend a huge gift to Seattle.

2. Arizona Cardinals (vs. Los Angeles Rams)

These two teams will match up twice over the final five weeks of the season, once on Sunday and once to close the year in Week 17. An Arizona win would potentially give the Seahawks a two-game lead over Los Angeles. If that were to happen, and assuming Seattle wins its next three games against the Giants, Jets and Washington, the Seahawks could then lose to the Rams in Week 16, beat the 49ers in Week 17 and still win the division.


3. Philadelphia Eagles (at Green Bay Packers)

It’s the holiday season and miracles happen, right? A Packers loss, unlikely as it is against the Eagles, would put Seattle in control of its own destiny for the No. 2 seed in the NFC. Both teams are tied at 8-3 currently.

4. Buffalo Bills (vs. San Francisco 49ers)

The 49ers are no longer in contention to win the NFC West, but they’re still lurking in the playoff picture. At 5-6, San Francisco is tied with Minnesota and Chicago, all of which are one game back of the No. 7 seed and the 6-5 Cardinals. Football Outsiders currently gives the 49ers 18.4% odds to make the playoffs, up 13.8% after beating the Rams last Sunday. Running the table isn’t out of the question for San Francisco and doing so would likely earn them a playoff spot. Seahawks fans would prefer to not have to see the 49ers for a third time this season.