This absurd take on Pete Carroll amid Russell Wilson drama has jumped the shark


The rumored tension between Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks has gotten a lot of attention this offseason.

It all started when Wilson expressed frustrations with his offensive line. From there, trade speculation swirled, and reports of further discord between the two sides emerged. Despite it all, Wilson still prefers to stay in Seattle while the Seahawks don't appear to be eager to move on from Wilson.

That said, that hasn't prevented various hot takes from surfacing about what the team should do to either move on from Russell Wilson or to appease him. And on Tuesday morning, ESPN's Dan Orlovsky provided viewers with quite a doozy on Get Up.

"Now, I look at this situation and it's one of two things really," Orlovsky said. "This is either about Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson being unhappy with him or this is about Russell Wilson's long-term brand and legacy."

That's fair enough. If Wilson does want to keep the aggressive offensive approach, that clashes with Pete Carroll's typical philosophy. That's why Wilson reportedly "stormed out" of a meeting about the team's offense during the 2020 NFL season.

But Orlovsky's solution to any potential tension between Wilson and Carroll is rather... extreme.

Make this simple. If this is about Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks, fire Pete Carroll. Sit down with Russell Wilson. [Ask] what happened, why it happened, and who do you want moving forward.

Dan Orlovsky, ESPN

Well, that is one scorching hot take. And while that was just one possibility that Orlovsky outlined, it's a bit outlandish.


Carroll has done very well with the Seahawks and has led them to a 112-63-1 record over his 11 years with the team. They have made the playoffs in eight of the last nine seasons and have twice made it to the Super Bowl in that span, winning one.

Sure, Carroll and Wilson may have different offensive philosophies. Yes, Wilson may be less irritated if he had more offensive freedom.

But firing the winningest coach in Seahawks history to appease a player doesn't sound like a good move under any circumstances. And where Wilson hasn't even demanded a trade, it still appears that he wants to make things work in Seattle.