Adam Schefter isn't willing to close the door on a Russell Wilson trade just yet


When the Chicago Bears signed Andy Dalton to a one-year deal worth $10 million on Wednesday, it seemed like a Russell Wilson trade wasn't going to happen.

However, ESPN's Adam Schefter doesn't seem to want to close the door on the possibility of a trade.

Though the Seattle Seahawks reportedly rejected a trade offer from the Bears for three first-round picks and two starters, Schefter thinks a trade possibility still exists. But as he detailed on ESPN's Get Up, any trade wouldn't happen until later in the offseason.

This is a situation that bears watching right when we get close to the draft.

Adam Schefter, ESPN

And why would it depend on the draft? Well, it would have to do with whether or not the Seahawks have another quarterback that they both like enough to replace Wilson and believe that they can get in the draft.

"When Seahawks general manager John Schneider has done the necessary due diligence on all the top quarterback prospects, and he knows that any package he gets contains either a quarterback he wants, or the ability to go get a quarterback that he wants," Schefter said. "The Bears have the 20th-overall pick. They’re not getting a top-rated prospect with that pick. They don’t have another quarterback on that roster that they could acquire."

This all makes sense. Schneider does due diligence on quarterbacks every year and this year, he has already been in attendance at Trey Lance's Pro Day, so maybe if he loves a prospect enough, he could be convinced to pull off a trade. But that's far from guaranteed to happen.


Even if it does, it will still be hard for Chicago to make an offer that guarantees Seattle a shot at a top quarterback.

So, if Chicago can't be a trade partner for the Seahawks, then who can? Well, as Schefter outlined, the onus of figuring that out will fall on Wilson and it will depend on whether or not he wants to go back to Seattle.

"Well all those teams that are on Russell Wilson's wishlist have all made a quarterback move this season with the exception of the Raiders, who seem committed to Derek Carr," Schefter said. "So what this may mean is if Russell Wilson wants out of Seattle, he may have to expand his wishlist of teams or accept the fact that he's gonna go back to Seattle."

At this point, it still seems likely that Wilson will remain in Seattle, and it's worth noting that the Seahawks have made a couple of moves for him of late that should help him out. They traded for guard Gabe Jackson to upgrade the interior offensive line and they signed tight end Gerald Everett to serve as a top pass-catcher at the position.

That at least looks like an olive branch now, and depending on what else the Seahawks do this offseason, Wilson could end up being happy with the results. The team still has some holes to fill, especially in the trenches on both sides of the ball.

But hey, needing to find a new starter at defensive end or center is better than needing to find a replacement for a top-five quarterback.