All eyes on Budda Baker after DPOW honors in homecoming game vs. Seahawks


The Seattle Seahawks next matchup after coming back from the bye week is the Arizona Cardinals, who they will play this Sunday.

The Cardinals don’t have much rest before facing this Seahawks - they dominated the Dallas Cowboys 38-10 on Monday Night Football.

For the Cardinals, the defense was the one making all the plays throughout the game. In total, they had eight quarterback hits and forced four turnovers against the Cowboys offense.

They even reduced running back Ezekiel Elliot to an afterthought - rushing for only 49 yards for the game.

One stand out player for the Cardinals on the defensive side of the ball was former University of Washington safety Budda Baker.

Baker, a native of Bellevue, Washington, had seven tackles, a forced fumble, his first interception, and a hard-hitting sack on Andy Dalton in the Cardinals 38-10 win over the Cowboys.

Despite playing with a cast on his right thumb, Baker's dominance against Dallas earned Baker his first NFC Defensive Player of the Week award.

Baker is playing through a torn ulnar collateral ligament injury and recently had successful surgery to repair it.

Baker, who has 46 tackles on the season, and the Cardinals defense will be going up against the Russell Wilson and the high powered offense that has helped the team sustain a 5-0 record.

Head coach Pete Carroll has seen what Baker has been doing this season, especially their last game, and is will make sure the offense knows where he is at all times.


“He’s playing great football,” Carroll said. “We saw him at his best last year. He hasn’t let up at all. He’s playing good in the passing game. He’s playing good in the running game, and he’s in there pressuring well.

You’ve got to make sure that you know where he is.

Pete Carroll on Budda Baker

After the win on Monday, Baker was eager to get ready to face the Seahawks on Sunday. Knowing the this offense is going to be challenge for them.

“We know the Seahawks are a great team,” Baker said this week. “They’re always a great team. Russell Wilson got them going. DK Metcalf, Carson in the run game, they’re a great offense and a great team. We know we’re going to have a challenge ahead of us.”

Although the game is in Arizona, the Washington native will be sure to make his presence know against the Seahawks on Sunday.