Are Russell Wilson trade talks really 'picking up steam' for the Seahawks?


With Dak Prescott now locked into a long-term deal with the Dallas Cowboys, there are two intriguing high-level starters that may be available during this NFL offseason. They are Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson.

At this stage, it still seems more likely that Watson will be traded of the two, as he had vowed never to play for the Houston Texans again. That said, the rumblings surrounding Wilson and the Seahawks continue to grow louder every day.

The latest to speak on these issues was ESPN's Dianna Russini, who said that the potential for Wilson to be traded "has been picking up steam" recently. Here's what she said on ESPN's Get Up.

Two months ago, I would have told you there is no chance this is happening, the Seattle Seahawks are not trading Russell Wilson. But this thing has been picking up steam over the last few weeks. Both sides have done nothing to put this to bed.

Dianna Russini, ESPN's Get Up

Russini would explain that neither side has come out and stated a commitment to one another as teams like the Las Vegas Raiders have done with Derek Carr. That is part of the reason that some believe a trade could be possible.

“Those in league circles believe that there is a good chance this could happen if a team is desperate enough to make this trade,” Russini said.

There is certainly some logic to this argument, and that's part of the reason that trade rumors involving the Seahawks and the Chicago Bears have increased in recent weeks. Still, the likely outcome is that the Seahawks will keep Wilson, and there is a reason for that.

"The biggest issue isn't so much about trade or dead money," Russini said. "It's about what Seattle's answer at the quarterback position if they were to move on from him."


Indeed, it would be difficult for the Seahawks to land an adequate replacement for Wilson if they made a deal with one of his preferred teams. First of all, the Cowboys are out of the running on a Wilson deal after they extended Prescott and gave him a $160 million contract and a no-trade clause.

And as Russini indicated, the Raiders probably aren't in on Wilson given their recent vote of confidence in Carr. They could still be willing to make a move to get an upgrade, but how much would they be willing to give up for Wilson? And would the Seahawks share the same high opinion of Carr, a potential trade asset, as the Raiders do?

That would leave just the Bears and the New Orleans Saints as options for the Seahawks to trade with, based on Wilson's four-team wishlist. The Saints are in salary cap hell, so they probably couldn't pull off a move while the Bears' best asset is the 20th pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. That wouldn't give Seattle an easy path to get a QB.

Maybe Wilson would expand his list of potential landing spots if things went south, or maybe the Seahawks would cave and take the best offer on the table, but neither of those scenarios are guaranteed.

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As such, though the rumor mill is buzzing about a Wilson trade, the most likely result is still him returning to the Seahawks. This situation certainly bears watching, but there is still plenty of time for the two sides to work something out.