Betting Odds: How many games will the Seahawks win in 2021?


The 2021 NFL draft just weeks away and fans around the league are getting hyped up for the season to make its return.

With that said, it’s around this time where oddsmakers give out their predictions and numbers on each team’s win total and who will eventually win the Super Bowl.

And thanks to our partners over on PointsBet, we have those numbers for you.

Ahead of the NFL’s first 17-game regular season, PointsBet has last year’s Super Bowl matchup with the highest win totals of any team.

The Chiefs are listed at over 12 wins at -110, while the Buccaneers have listed at -125 over 11.5 games.

The Chiefs are listed at +500 to win the Super Bowl this year and the Buccaneers are at +725 to win.

Behind them are the Green Bay Packers (+1000) and the Buffalo Bills (+1200).

Going back to wins, there are ten teams that are opened with double-digit win totals.

The Baltimore Ravens, Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Los Angeles Rams are teams listed with projected 10 wins for this season.

There are three teams in the NFC West that are on the list, and the Seattle Seahawks are one of them.

PointsBet has the Seahawks going over 9.5 wins at -150, and the under at 9.5 for +125.

The Seahawks have the opportunity to get above 10 wins this season like they did last season, especially with a revamped offense and a boosted defensive line.

This year's win totals are out before the regular-season schedule has even been announced and before the draft, so they could change, but likely not by much. 


The 17 regular-season opponents are known for each team, although the dates of the games have not been released. And let's not forget this is the first time there will be 17 games in the regular season.

Now it is to see if the Seahawks can actually win those games. 

The NFL draft kicks everything off on April 29 to May 1.


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